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  1. DNA – It’s All In The Genes

    DNA Genetics

    A few weeks ago we announced our new business venture, PureDNA, which sees us joining forces with Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics to launch a new souvenir marijuana seed distribution business based in Chile, South America.

    We’re very excited about this here at Sativa Towers which is why this Friday’s blog focuses on the story of DNA Genetics, their impeccable High Times Cannabis Cup record and their incredible knack of creating the world’s most desirable strains of marijuana.

    DNA Genetics takes its name from the company’s two founders, Don and Aaron – two cannabis connoisseurs from Los Angeles, California who met by chance many years ago. They quickly became close friends, partially because of their shared love for high-end cannabis.

    The guys built up a collection of seeds that they were gifted by friends and family.  They began to grow the seeds out and started experimenting with crossing their favourite strains to create unique hybrids, harnessing the most desirable traits of both parents resulting in some incredible strains. 

    Don and Aaron were shrewd enough to realise that they were on to something.  They had a rare talent for understanding the plants and when combined with their sheer enthusiasm for all things cannabis, this made their friendship a very lucrative commodity.

    The guys were still operating out of L.A., and despite the State of California’s somewhat liberal stance on cannabis, they felt they needed to relocate to be closer to the beating heart of the industry.  In 2003, they upped sticks and moved to Amsterdam.  DNA Genetics was officially founded a year later in 2004 and the guys have not looked back since.

    Their breeding operations in Amsterdam soon became too large for just the two guys to handle, so they recruited some “homies” to assist them with the growing side of the business, which freed up Don and Aaron to concentrate on breeding and genetics.  The immediate benefit of this move was that they now had a trusted circle of experienced growers who knew good weed as soon as they saw it.  Don and Aaron are not at all precious about their work.  They respect their elders and they listen to the feedback that older, more experienced connoisseurs give them.  This has stood them in good stead – They won their first High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005, winning Best Sativa with their Martian Mean Green.  This strain was derived from a cross of G13/Haze (which DNA got from Soma Seeds) and Sharksbreath.  In a refreshing break from the often cut-

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  2. Amsterdam Glassworx Range Lands At Pure Sativa

    From a small, artisan workshop in the heart of Amsterdam comes this stunning new collection of glass smoking apparatus created by master lampworker, Chris Rawkins and his talented team of flameworkers. 

    Amsterdam Glassworx is Chris Rawkins’ brand new company which launched earlier in 2014.  Chris was a Cannabis Cup winner for best glass in 2003 while representing Shiva Glass under the tutelage of the Cannabis College in Amsterdam.  Since then, Chris has not looked back, refining and honing his skills to the point he’s at today – a master craftsman, respected by glass connoisseurs and industry peers alike.

    The Amsterdam Glassworx collection is a true reflection of how Chris believes glass smoking equipment should be made – beautiful, colourful and functional, with a focus on supreme durability – every single piece that leaves the studio has undergone rigorous quality checks as well as a 24 hour annealing process meaning a Glassworx product w

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  3. Oil Slick Helps You Concentrate

    The ever-increasing popularity of concentrates and oils with smokers has sparked the emergence of a whole host of weird and wonderful new products, all designed specifically for use with waxes, honeys, oils and other concentrates. 

    Here at PureSativa, we have been watching developments closely, monitoring the markets, and making sure that we get hold of the best new products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

    Oil Slick are one of the companies that have burst onto the scene with a catalogue of products all specially designed for use with sticky extracts.  Their existing product range mainly consists of storage containers – platinum-cured, non-stick containers for storing waxy concentrates in – and these have been incredibly popular.  PureSativa stock a selection of these silicone containers and the feedback we have had from customers has been excellent, so when Oil Slick launched two new products recently, we knew we had to grab them for you guys:

    The Oil Slick Slab is a large, silicone sheet designed for protecting surfaces from damage while dealing with sticky extracts, as well as allowing you to reclaim any lost oils directly from the Oil Slick Slab’s non-stick surface.  The underside of the Slab features Oil Slick’s new ‘Slip Grip’ material which stops the cover from sliding about – even on shiny, glossy surfaces.  The top is made from a high-quality silicone which is odourless, tear-resistant and completely food-safe.  Never lose a dab to your table again with the Oil Slick Slab.

    The Oil Slick Sheet is Oil Slick’s reusable alternative to parchment paper for use as a wrapper for sticky extracts, a liner for extraction apparatus, or as a sleeve for glass-on-glass joints in oil rigs.  The Oil Slick Sheet is made from Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – a remarkable material which exhibits many desirable properties for the concentrate user – PTFE is completely non-stick, completely resistant

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  4. Holy Smoke! New Strain With Free Bonus Seeds!

    Alien Fire Fruit, the latest new cannabis seeds to hit the shelves here at Sativa Towers is sure to be a popular choice with knowledgeable connoisseurs.

    Holy Smoke Seeds managed to procure two classic strains from their contacts within the industry in order to develop this special variety that promises to be very sought after.  OG Raskal’s Fire Alien, when launched, was pretty difficult to get hold of.  The seeds sold out everywhere within a very short time amid reports of its awesome stability and potency. 

    Topdawg Seeds’ Guava #13 provides the other half of Alien Fire Fruit’s genetics - again, a stonking strain of marijuana, famed for its potency and heritage.

    The resultant variety, Alien Fire Fruit, has already attracted the attention of expert growers.  Working out of areas where cultivation of cannabis is legal, breeders have observed Alien Fire Fruit growing vigorously and developing bumper yields of dank, resinous buds.  However, perhaps the most interesting reports come from growers who are familiar with the parent strains of Alien Fire Fruit; the strain manages to retain the pungent ‘chem’ bouquet from Guava #13, which itself can count StarDawg as part of its pedigree.  At the same time, there are reports of aromas and tastes of dank, fermenting fruit which, when combined with the chem bouquet, gives Alien Fire Fruit an unrivalled complexity of flavour.

    These Alien Fire Fruit marijuana seeds are available now from PureSativa – your favourite souvenir seed distributor.  Don’t miss your chance to add this amazing strain to your seed collection and preserve the strain for years to come.

    As we’ve already hinted, we think these seeds are going to fly off our shelves because of the superb pedigree.  However, while stocks last we are giving away one free Thunderbud seed with every pack of Alien Fire Fruit purchased.

    Don’t forget, PureSativa are official UK distributors for all the seedbanks featured on our website, on both a retail and wholesale bas

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  5. Atmos Makes Waves With Power Bank Vaporizer

    US vaporizer manufacturers, Atmos have shaken up the market again with their latest offering, the ultra-cool, Atmos Liv.

    The Atmos Liv follows in the footsteps of the Atmos RAW, Atmos Jewel and most recently, the Atmos Bullet Max vaporizers, all of which have been market leaders in terms of price, performance and build quality.

    The Atmos Liv is a very versatile vaporizer.  Designed for use with either dried herbal blends or sticky, waxy concentrates, the Liv has a ceramic heating chamber which heats its contents evenly and thoroughly to a point just below combustion.  This means that the resultant vapour inhaled by the user is rich with flavours and active ingredients, yet free from harmful toxins and carcinogens that are normally found in smoke. 

    The Atmos Liv differs to any other portable vaporizer on the market by virtue of the fact that not only is it a great quality portable vaporizer, but it is also a mobile power bank.  The Atmos Liv can be used to charge up other USB devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and MP3 players – absolutely perfect for summer festivals when charge points can be scarce.

    However, the Atmos Liv is perhaps most appealing due to its stylish looks and discretion.  The sleek unit can easily be secreted in a pocket or handbag when you’re out and about, and is virtually indistinguishable from a modern MP3 player or small hard drive – especially when the detachable mouthpiece is removed and stored inside the device itself.

    This is a premium quality portable vaporizer, made to a superb standard from quality components and finished with subtle, classy styling.

    Each unit comes as a complete kit and includes the vap/powerbank itself, a detachable mouthpiece, a handy packing tool, a USB charger, cleaning brush and concise user manual.

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  6. Washington State Set For Recreational Marijuana Sales Amid Widespread Confusion

    Some six months after retailers in Colorado begun legally selling cannabis to recreational users, Washington State is set to follow suit today as the first retail licences are issued and shops begin to operate.

    However, reports coming out of Washington suggest that what should be a day of jubilant celebration as the shackles of prohibition are finally shed, is actually turning out to be something of an anti-climax:

    Already there are concerns that demand will be much, much higher than supply and there is still a lot of uncertainty in the state as the moment of truth approaches.  Central to this issue is the fact that Washington state only issued the growing licences in March this year, leaving at best, two complete growing cycles to stock up stores ready for opening day. 

    Would-be retailers who have invested huge sums of money in order to ready their businesses to meet demand have been left hanging as the date of legal recreational sales has been repeatedly

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