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  1. The Old Dutch Masters: Sensi Seeds

    The Old Dutch Masters: Sensi Seeds

    The Old Dutch Masters: Sensi Seeds & The Growth of The Cannabis Industry – Part 1

    Sensi Seeds is a pioneering Dutch cannabis seeds company based in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The company was founded by legendary cannabis entrepreneur, Ben Dronkers; a gifted and passionate cannabis advocate whose journey in the industry began in the 1970s.

    Ben’s mother was a talented and prolific gardener. The sights and smells of plants in bloom filled his childhood years and left him with a love of horticulture that was to last a lifetime. This formative experience with plants led young Ben Dronkers to become interested in breeding and crossing plants to develop pronounced characteristics and traits that were more desirable – taller structures, more abundant branching, higher yields and heavier fruit sets.

    As time passed, Ben began experimenting with cannabis seeds. Indoor cultivation was a new phenomenon and the techniques were far from perfected. The cannabis that was available in Amsterdam was, at the time, of poor quality – African or perhaps Thai in origin and sold as pressed, dried blocks that appeared almost brown in colour and looked distinctly unappetizing.
    Ben’s efforts produced potent cannabis, but the overall quality was still poor. That was until he decided to call upon his earlier passion for breeding and genetics. Ben decided to travel further afield to seek out better quality cannabis genetics. His first excursion to Pakistan was to become a seminal moment in cannabis history as Ben recalled himself in a much later interview:
    “Pakistan! That’s where we started getting good results…That was the big turning point. It was interesting and fun.”
    His travels in the 1970s would take Ben all over the world sourcing fine quality cannabis. Wherever there were landrace strains to be found, Ben would be there. From the Americas to Central and Southern Asia and from the Hindu Kush mountains to the warm climes of the Caribbean.

    Ben began cultivating exotic strains of cannabis in greenhouses in the Netherlands. The initial reception from Amsterdam’s coffeeshops was underwhelming. Whilst some tourists had seen cannabis of this quality before, the Dutch locals simply didn’t understand what it was – even disparagingly referring to it as “spinach” when it first appeared.
    Finally, Ben managed to convince a couple of independent coffeeshops to try selling his product and when they saw how quickly it sold out, they were instantly converted. The difference in quality and, crucially, potency was to say the least, significant. This was the true beginning of Sensi Seeds as we know them today.

    Ben Dronkers’ activities in those early days saw him fall foul of Amsterdam’s authorities on more than one occasion. Bizarrely, it was perfectly legal to sell cannabis seeds but illegal to cultivate the plant. How was one to obtain seeds without growing cannabis plants?
    Although the penalties for cannabis possession were minimal, through researching Dutch legislation and the help of a wily lawyer, Dronkers managed to obtain legal permission from the Dutch authorities to cultivate plants for the sole purpose of producing cannabis seeds.
    This decision was to change Ben’s life and help forge the industry as we know it today.

    The Old Dutch Masters: Sensi Seeds & The Growth of The Cannabis Industry – Part 2

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  2. Stylish Storage – Stash Jars & Tuna Cans from Qnubu California

    Stylish Storage – Stash Jars & Tuna Cans from Qnubu California

    Qnubu California are back at PureSativa with a new range of vacuum stash jars and tuna can style ring-pull tins to take your storage solutions to the next level.

    We first welcomed Qnubu to the store around 18 months ago with their impressive range of rosin presses, extraction presses, automatic sealers and premium quality rosin bags and extraction paper. It was the first time that we’d had hydraulic presses available and the handy compact sizing and affordable pricing made them a huge hit with customers. So now Qnubu are back with a range of storage containers very much aimed at high-end, discerning customers who are looking to add a touch of finesse to their set-up.

    Easy Open Ring-pull Can

    The easy open can is a neat and tidy way to store your dried herbs and flowers for extended periods.
    Made to resemble a tuna can, these aluminium cans have a detachable bottom for filling and a smooth, flat outer edge designed for attaching your own home-made labels or logos.
    These tins will keep herbs and flowers fresh and in pristine condition for long periods and can be quickly opened with the ring-pull lid. Each can measures 7cm in diameter, stands just 4cm high and comes complete with a plastic dust cover to prevent accidental opening of the ring pull.
    These are available now on a wholesale or retail basis in packs of 10, 25, 50 and 100 cans.

    Vacuum Stash Containers

    Qnubu’s range of vacuum stash jars have the tried and tested internal vacuum system which keeps herbs fresher for longer while preventing any smells from escaping.

    Made from a tough black plastic, the Qnubu vacuum containers come in various sizes from the tall 650ml container which is ideal for tall flowers or grasses, to the diminutive 120ml container which is small enough to slip into a pocket or purse for use on day trips or festivals.
    All the containers work in the same way – simply press the release button on the lid to open the valve and slide the top off. Press the button again to replace the top and release to create and airtight seal that prevents air from getting inside to degrade your herbs, while also preventing any unwanted odours from leaching from the jar.
    Additionally, the black plastic design prevents UV light penetration which can also damage delicate plant material over time and degrade natural flavours and aromas.
    Each jar i

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  3. Things Are Going Peachy For Perfect Tree Seeds

    Things Are Going Peachy For Perfect Tree Seeds

    So said Chronixx x Eesah in their 2014 reggae hit and we couldn’t have put it better.
    Perfect Tree Seeds 

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