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  1. Champions League – DNA Genetics Release New 2015 Strains

    DNA Genetics, it seems, have the Midas touch.  This famous seed company is celebrating 11 years in the business this year – each one bringing more success and more champion cannabis strains than the last.

    At the Spannabis exhibition in Barcelona last week, DNA Genetics booth proudly displayed many of their medals and trophies in lavish display cases – it’s hard to believe how many they have: DNA have amassed over 125 industry awards for their marijuana and hash in their 11 years – their most famous strain, the Tangie, is responsible for more than 20 of these wins.

    Today, we are delighted to launch DNA Genetics new 2015 range of seeds: an entire new collection under the GYO banner, along with new feminized seeds for their main catalogue.  This of course, is in addition to the new range of seeds from Crockett Family Farms which the guys from DNA Genetics have helped Crockett bring to market, which we wrote about yesterday

    The GYO Collection comprises 11 strains – 8 entirely new varieties, and 3 re-branded strains – Sharksbreath, RKS and Rocklock.  The idea behind the GYO range is that DNA are making the collection and preservation of elite cannabis genetics easier and more affordable than ever before.  The GYO range tops out at £45 for a pack of 6 female seeds.  DNA went into this insisting that no packet of the GYO range should cost more than £50 – a threshold which they considered to be a turn-off for potential customers.

    Don’t let the knock-down prices fool you though folks.  This is still DNA Genetics, and the GYO range is full of exciting new seeds with mouth-watering genetic pedigrees. 
    Take their Florida OG: the genesis of the myriad OG Kush crosses.  Also known as Ocean Grown or sometimes Crippy, this strain is a rare, formerly clone only variety that DNA are now making available in feminized seed form.  It’s hard to think of a more desirable strain to own for a discerning souvenir seed collector. 

    DNA Genetics full GYO collection can be found here – have fun drooling over these special genetics.

    DNA have also added six new strains to their main catalogue:  Cannalope Haze, DJ’s Gold, Golden Berry, Golden Lemons, Sour Kosher, and the much sought-after 24K Gold (Kosher Kush x Tangie).

    Prospective buyers would be forgiven for feeling a bit spoilt for choice.  This is a bold, ambitious move from DNA Genetics – to release so many new strains at once shows the depth of their breeding program

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  2. The Tangie Man Cometh! – Crockett Family Farms Exclusive To PureSativa!

    At PureSativa, we make it our business to sign up the world’s best cannabis seed companies on exclusive deals for us to distribute their seeds in the UK.  We have a portfolio of 28 such seedbanks which we are immensely proud of – each and every one of which offers something truly special for our customers to choose from.

    Today, we officially welcome Crockett Family Farms to the Pure Sativa fold, as we launch eight new strains of top-drawer marijuana onto the site.

    Crockett, the talented breeder behind this range, is undoubtedly best known for being The Tangie Man.  This is the guy that first presented Don and Aaron from DNA Genetics with the Tangie strain, which then went on to win, well…..basically every contest it entered.  Although there have been a couple of 2nd and 3rd places among the gold medals, Tangie is a champion in every sense – a true legendary strain that already has it’s place in history reserved alongside

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  3. Little Chief Mixes It With The Big Boys

    Little Chief is our affectionate nickname for the boss here at PureSativa.  Little Chief Collabs is the name of our new seed company which will see PureSativa, led by Little Chief, teaming up with our friends at some of the world’s top seedbanks to develop elite, exclusive strains of cannabis to bring to our customers.

    The first strain from Little Chief Collabs sees us join forces with two of the cannabis industry’s biggest names:  DNA Genetics and Rare Dankness, to produce a marijuana strain from two of their flagship varieties. 

    Tangie Ghost Train is the name of the first Little Chief strain.  As the name suggests, this strain is derived from a cross of DNA Genetics’ cup winning strain, Tangie, and the jewel in Rare Dankness’ crown, Ghost Train Haze #1.

    The Tangie is a special variety of marijuana in its own right; it can be found in DNA Genetics special collection of seeds known as Reserva Privada.  Tangie won best Sativa at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cupand went on to win every single contest it was entered in thereafter, amassing an incredible 10 awards in just 8 months.  The same strain then went on to finish first AND second in the best sativa category at the 2014 Cannabis Cup - an unprecedented achievement.

    The smells and flavours of Tangie really do have to be experienced to be believed.  Tangie smells and tastes of tangerines.  Not oranges.  Not clementines.  Not a faint whiff of citrus.  We’re talking straight up tangerines.  Tangie produces bumper yields of delightfully sticky buds – a characteristic that carries over to Tangie Ghost Train.

    Ghost Train Haze #1 (GTH#1) is one of the strains that really propelled Rare Dankness into the very elite group of seed companies to which they now belong.  Derived from a cross of Ghost OG and the legendary Nevil’s Wreck, GTH#1 comes from the clone only genetics that were collected by the Devil’s Harvest crew a few years back.  Rare Dankness have the Ghost cut, the SFV cut, the Triangle cut and a few others.  Ghost Train has proved to be the most popular of these rare varieties, and with good reason:  when grown out in a legal climate GTH#1 flowers in 65-85 days and produces big yields of crystal covered buds.  When lab tested for THC content, the GTH#1 racked up an average of 25%!  That puts this crazy strain among the strongest marijuana strains currently available anywhere.  Predictably, the Tangie Ghost Train retains the potency from this side of the genetics which, when combined with the characteristics from the Tangie, makes for something really special.

    Little Chief Collabs cannabis seeds come securely packaged in a specially made bamboo container which bears the Little Chief logo, along with the logos of DNA Genetics and Rare Dankness - the collaborating seed companies.  Each bamboo tube contains the seeds and a free glass one-hitter bat pipe made by Amsterdam Glassworx.

    It’s taken a long time for Little Chief to work his magic and get these seed companies working together, and it had to be something really special for him to put his name to the seeds.  Now you can buy these seeds in feminized form, all directly from and own these rarest-of-the-rare genetics for yourself.  

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