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  1. Buy any Seeds from ANY Seedbank at PureSativa and Receive 2 Free Feminized Seeds of Killer Glue by Little Chief Collabs

    Buy any Seeds from ANY Seedbank at PureSativa and Receive 2 Free Feminized Seeds of Killer Glue by Little Chief Collabs


    New Retail Seed Promo: Buy ANY seeds from any seedbank at PureSativa and you will receive 2 free feminized seeds from @littlechiefcollabs new collaboration with @officialseriousseeds Ak-47 and crossing that with the Original Glue by @ggstrainsofficial to make the Killer Glue. This strain is not available just yet and we expect the official release to be around the end of April so if you want to get your hands on these genetics before anyone else, then make sure to jump on this very limited offer.

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  2. The Puffco Peak Bag – Move Any Mountain

    The Puffco Peak Bag – Move Any Mountain

    The Peak Bag is a bespoke carry case and storage solution designed for the Puffco Peak vaporizer and all its associated paraphernalia! Now you can take your Puffco Peak with you on day trips, camping trips and excursions without worrying about damaging your precious vape or not having enough storage space.

    The carry case is made from a rugged nylon weave that is water resistant and tough enough to protect your Puffco Peak Vaporizer from the everyday bumps and bangs that you’ll encounter when travelling. The clever construction of the Puffco Peak Bag ensures your vaporizer is securely held with a securing strap and cushioned from damage by the padded interior. The bag opens with a hinged front clamshell design which not only looks cool, but also makes removing objects from the bag quick and easy.
    The Peak Bag has ample extra storage space for all your Puffco sundries such as dabbing tools, cotton buds, carb caps and alcohol wipes – there is even a handy side pocket that perfectly fits a Puffco Plus vaporizer pen and a secret stash pocket at the back ideal for cash, cards and other valuables.

    Perhaps the best feature of the Peak Bag is the versatility to carry it in 3 different positions depending on what’s comfortable and your needs at the time – the straps are fully adjustable and can be configured to position the bag for a simple cross-body carry or for wearing like a bum bag or fanny pack. Alternatively, simply clip the bag to a belt or waist strap using the handy loops or a metal carabiner.

    If you’re lucky enough to own a Puffco Peak vaporizer, you’ll be itching to show it off to your buddies and take it out and about – after all, the portable, wireless nature of the Peak is part of it

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  3. Vision – The Peak Travel Pack by Puffco

    Vision – The Peak Travel Pack by Puffco

    The Vision Peak Travel Pack is a specially designed silicone travel kit for the Puffco Peak concentrate vaporizer.

    The Peak is among the finest oil and wax vapes that have been released in recent years. The wireless Peak is perfectly suited for vaping on the go or in the great outdoors and now Puffco have released Vision – the Peak travel pack – kitting out your Puffco Peak ready for a camping trip.

    The Vision travel pack is made 100% FDA approved silicone and includes a carb-cap tether, a splash cap to prevent water leaks, a coloured atomizer cover and a backpack attachment for storing cotton swabs or dab tools. Each extra piece is colour-coded in eye-catching rainbow silicone to match the iridescent metal strip on the main body of the Peak.

    The rainbow vision colour scheme is a limited edition run, and whilst it looks cool, it’s real purpose is to protect your precious Puffco Peak from any damage while you’re out in the wild. The Peak is not a cheap, throwaway vape, so it makes sense to invest a little extra if you intend to use it in the great outdoors. This kit has everything you’ll need to keep your vape in prime condition and free from bumps and bangs that may otherwise damage your piece.

    If you’re taking your Puffco Peak away for any length of time, why not take a look at the new, specially designed Peak Bag?
    Made to perfectly accommodate a Peak and all the necessary paraphernalia and accessories, the Peak Bag offers padded storage space and your choice of three comfortable carrying styles. The bag opens with a hingle style opening that hold t

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  4. The Neutralizer – Professional Odour Eliminator Kits

    The Neutralizer – Professional Odour Eliminator Kits

    The Neutralizer is a range of professional standard air fresheners and refill cartridges for dealing with pungent and problematic odours.

    Made in the UK by Synergy UK, The Neutralizer utilizes patented technology to identify, isolate and eliminate odours using a secret formula of lush smelling essential oils.

    The Neutralizer works by gently heating up an oil-soaked wick which is submerged in the cartridge reservoir. As the wick gets warmer, the natural scents from the essential oils are released into the air where they break down problematic odours on a molecular level. That is, the patented composition of The Neutralizer’s scent targets specific odour-causing molecules and contains them in order to completely eliminate their scent. 

    There are various different models and sizes of Neutralizer – each being suited to their own specific environment:

    The Compact Kit is ideal for smaller spaces such as tents, box rooms and garage spaces. It is supplied with a zip tie for attaching to tent poles or rigging and is capable of neutralizing an area up to 20 cubic metres.

    The Car Road Kit is, as the name suggests, designed for vehicles. It comes with an in-car charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter port. The Car Road Kit version has a slightly different composition of oils that get to work neutralizing odours faster than the other models – thanks to the added accelerant, all malodorous whiffs are neutralized within 5 minutes of turning the unit on. The idea behind this technology is that your car can be quickly freshened up in advance before picking up another passenger or interacting with traffic authorities. This is ideal for professionals like taxi drivers and delivery workers who may want to eliminate smoky smells before accepting a new fare or banish greasy food smells after completing a delivery.

    The Neutralizer Pro Kit is the flagship product and is designed to neutralize larger areas up to 375 cubic metres. The Pro Kit requires a 1 hour activation time – that is, it will take one hour from the unit being switched on to completely eliminate odours in an area up to 13,000 cubic feet. This is ideal for business premises or kitchens where unpleasant odours need to be constantly eliminated, without the use of aerosol sprays or candles. 

    The oil in each Neutralizer cartridge will last 6 weeks with constant, 24 hour use and much, much longer if used sparingly. Refill cartridges are also available to help keep your problem smells at bay.

    The Neutralizer is available now on PureSativa with our usual great offer of FREE UK shipping on all retail orders over £40.

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  5. The Plug Seedbank – Spanish Highs

    The Plug Seedbank – Spanish Highs

    The Plug Seedbank are an elite cannabis seed company from the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona.
    This seedbank came into being from The Plug BCN – an exclusive and very popular cannabis café and association in the heart of the Catalan capital.

    The Plug BCN is one of Barcelona’s most celebrated cannabis clubs. Known far and wide for stocking a range of high-end cannabis strains, it attracts regular visitors from the local area as well as throngs of tourists searching for the finest high grade in the city. The club even entered its own sativa strain into the Spannabis Champions Cup back in 2018 and managed to snag a silver medal with their own version of the legendary Zkittlez strain.

    The Plug Seedbank was founded by a group of friends and enthusiasts involved with The Plug BCN. By harnessing the knowledge and experience of its founders, along with the finest cannabis genetics in the world, The Plug Seedbank have gone on to produce a catalogue of incredible new strains based on tried and tested European favourites and exotic American strains with wild new flavours.

    Perhaps the most refreshing thing about The Plug Seedbank is their willingness to cooperate and collaborate with other seed companies. Rather than hoarding their genetics, The Plug really want to see their genetics make it out into the wider world and have released strains that combine the best qualities of their own strains, spliced with elite strains from other seed companies.

    The first of these collabs was Spumoni – a strain bred in conjunction with California-based Alien Labs.
    Alien Labs flagship strain Do-Si-Dos was crossed with Sunset Sherbet from The Plug to produce this outstanding hybrid. Flavours are the name of the game here. The unique terpene profile of Spumoni made it an instant hit and had connoisseurs clamouring for more.

    Next, The Plug teamed up with the flavour junkies, TerpHogz to create Zupreme.
    Zupreme  derived Terp Hogz from a cross of award-winning Zkittlez mother plant and Zmoothie Z3 – a Zkittlez-based strain developed by elite breeders at The Plug.
    The resultant hybrid is a powerhouse of potency with a frankly, astonishing terpene profile that will delight fans of elite marijuana, especially those who have already experienced the unique properties of Zkittlez. Expect strong, vigorous plants with abundant branching developing thick coatings of trichomes. Flavours and aromas are a party of Zkittlez terpenoids that assault the senses on inhale and exhale.

    All the special cannabis seeds from The Plug Seedbank are available now at PureSativa, including the rare collab crosses. Order yours today and get FREE UK delivery on all retail orders over £40.

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  6. Vibes – Papers, Cones and Accessories From Berner & The Cookies Fam

    Vibes – Papers, Cones and Accessories From Berner & The Cookies Fam

    Vibes rolling papers, pre-rolled cones and smoking accessories are the latest addition to the PureSativa catalogue, and we’re delighted to have them on-board.

    Vibes are an exciting new brand from the USA making premium quality rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, tips, herb grinders and assorted accessories and merchandise with killer style.

    This new range of Vibes rolling papers, cones and paraphernalia is the brainchild of influential US rapper Berner. The Taylor Gang artist first brought us the ever-popular Cookies lines of clothing and smoking accessories which took the community by storm. From grinders, rolling trays and killer T-shirts, Berner has further expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio with this collection of premium rolling papers and cones with that iconic Cookie Family styling.

    Rolling Papers & Cones

    With product design firmly focused on the preferences of the end user. Vibes papers and cones are available in traditional 1 ¼ size or handy king size. They’re also available in three different materials to suit individual tastes: slim rice paper (blue), natural hemp (red) or ultra-thin (black).
    All the Vibes rolling papers and cones feature a unique watermark which prevents runs and ensures a smooth, even burn. The papers are available as individual books or as display boxes of 50 books. The cones come in super-cool coffin-shaped boxes to keep them fresh and crease-free. 1 ¼ are coffins of 6 or display boxes of 30 coffins, while king size cones are coffins of 3 cones or boxes of 30 coffin packs.

    Herb Grinders

    The Vibes aluminium herb grinders are produced in collaboration with Aerospaced – a high-end grinder manufacturer that utilises only the finest components to make their shredders.
    With razor-sharp, diamond shaped teeth, the Vibes x Aerospaced 4-piece grinder delivers a fluffy, even grind with minimal physical effort. The int

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