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  1. Cannarado Genetics Cannabis Seeds

    Cannarado Genetics Cannabis Seeds

    Cannarado Genetics - The Brand

    From medical to recreational cannabis, Cannarado Genetics Cannabis Seeds is a brand that has a lot to offer. Their foundations began just over two decades ago after a friend returned from Amsterdam with some seeds. From this moment, Cannarado Genetics made their first-ever cross known as the Pot of Gold x Shiva Shanti. This was where they began their journey.

    Based in Colorado, they have pushed boundaries, experimented and tried many different things. Their experience resulted in them creating one of the most unique strains in the world. 

    The brand is well-known and they are now considered one of the most reputable breeders in the industry. The brand underpins the cannabis seeds that they offer and the demand for them has increased at an impressive rate. However, despite their humble beginnings in 1998, it wasn’t until 2009 that the brand truly sparked into life. 

    This was the moment where they realised that they could breed and sell while offering some of the best cannabis out there. 


    Where are they from?

    Cannarado Genetics has taken advantage of its prime location in Colorado. Here they have had the chance to utilise the wonderful Colorado cannabis strains available to them. They have worked to clone the most elite forms of cannabis from around the world, using this as their base to then create cannabis seeds that really set the world alight. 


    What they do

    They are passionate about what the do and this can be seen in the cannabis that they produce. Through decades of experimentation as well as active breeding they have worked their way into an industry whereby they now lead from the front. The aim is to continue to deliver cannabis seeds that really does set them apart. 

    Their main focus is on feminized seeds although they have worked with regular crosses, proving that they are versatile and willing to diversify. Through their love of breeding, t

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  2. Lady Sativa Genetics Cannabis Seeds

    Lady Sativa Genetics Cannabis Seeds

    Lady Sativa Genetics - The Brand

    Made up of a collection of cannabis seed growers come from across Europe, the brand is now located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The place that many people call the home of cannabis. They call on many years of experience as well as a knowledge that enables them to produce a range of cannabis seeds and strains.

    For many years, the breeder, Jah Hoover, is known for his growing and he enjoys crossing elite strains and documenting them online. Following an increase in demand, he decided to bring together a team of elite growers from across Europe. All growers have the same passion and enthusiasm for growing as Jah Hoover. This can be seen in the work that they do.

    They are still a relatively new company but their foundations are well rooted and they have a vast experience of creating perfect strains that are ready for release to cannabis growers throughout the world. 

    They entered the 26th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2013 and came away with 3rd prize, proving just how much progress they had made. However, it was a year later when they really found out just how good they are as they won 1st prize at the 1st Barcelona Breeders Cup.

    They are a brand that puts a lot of effort, expertise and skill into creating cannabis seeds that push boundaries.


    Where are they from?

    Lady Sativa Genetics is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Here they are in a prime location to access the cannabis market and make use of all that is available to them. From their base in Amsterdam, some of the best breeders in the industry work to create cannabis seeds that really sets them apart from others.


    What they do

    Their desire to create cannabis seeds that give cannabis growers something to get excited about can be seen in their work. Jah Hoover and his passion can be seen in the seeds that they offer and the strains that they sell. Through his experience and the team that he has assembled from across Europe, they can call on their knowledge and passion for all things cannabis to deliver strains that deliver something different.

    Offering a range of regular and feminized seeds, they prove that they are adaptable, diverse and willing to experiment.

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  3. Moxie Dart Pod System & Moxie CBD Cartridges

    Moxie Dart Pod System & Moxie CBD Cartridges


    The Moxie Dart Vape and their range of Moxie CBD Cartridges are the latest edition to our exclusive line of CBD products. Moxie have tailored their fruity and delicious flavours to satisfy all taste buds, guaranteeing there is something for everyone.

    After thorough testing The Moxie Dart was released gaining outstanding attention in California and on multiple social media platforms. They consequently achieved the well-deserved first-place prize at the SoCal Cannabis Cup 2019 held in LA, as well as an astounding 80 plus industry awards.

    Moxie Dart is available in two very distinctive colours - Black or Black with a gold outline making for a very elegant and chic colour way. The clean and classic colour choice paired with the compact and slick vape makes for an aesthetically pleasing vape. Always contesting to support the highest quality items in our industry, the Moxie Dart undoubtedly delivers and surpasses a level of high end which we believe other CBD

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  4. Archive Seed Bank

    Archive Seed Bank

    Archive Seed Bank is currently becoming one of the most sort after seed banks here in the UK, with their impressive collection of cups that they have accumulated over the years from some of the most prestigious Cannabis Competitions from all around the world such as:

    • 2013 LA High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 3rd Place for their strain Grimace OG
    • 2013 LA High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 1st Place for their strain Lemon Amnesia
    • 2013 Denvor High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 2nd Place for their strain Lemon Amnesia
    • 2013 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 3rd Place for their strain Bomb Threat
    • 2014 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 1st Place for their Hell Raiser
    • 710 Cup Sativa Shatter taking home 1st Place for their Lemon Amnesia
    • Chalice Festival taking home 1st Place for Flowers – Do Si Dos
    • San Francisco Patient’s Choice Cup 2nd Place – Do Si Dos

    Here at PureSativa we only take on the best seedbanks from within our industry, and with the amount of buzz surrounding Archive Seed bank, as well as the number of awards that they were winning at every cup we knew we had stumbled across something very special and we had to find out more.

    After some research we found out some rather informative information, including where Archive Seed Bank came from and how they got started, which you can read about it over on their website or we have a more condensed overview below.

    Archive Seed Bank got started way back in 2002, studying in Washington where he started to meet like-minded people (kind of), Actually the people he was being introduced to where actually some of today's more talented and well-known glass blowers.

    Now from what I have read these glass blowers had some amazing stuff to put in there glass once they had finished creating their masterpieces, Archive after sampling some of the more popular strains such as Albert Walker, Pacific Northwest Dogshit and Williams Wonder grew more and more intrigued, not in the glass blowing it’s self but was growing more and more interested in the weed (At this point he didn’t know he had green fingers).


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  5. Glow Tray – LED Glow Rolling Trays

    Glow Tray – LED Glow Rolling Trays

    In stock now the new Glow Trays, complete with built in multi functional LED’s. 6 different colour options to choose from, including the all new party mode which cycles through the range of colours automatically.

    The all new Glow Tray comes with a 6-hour battery life keeping you lit all night ? also a built in fast charge system, an easy to use single function button and an LED battery indicator (they missed a trick here, it should have been a countdown timer. It would have made rolling that last one a little more interesting).

    Glow Trays also come in an array of colours and brands including our most popular choices such as Cookies and Runtz, which come in Cookies Red, Cookies OG Blue and Runtz Purple.
    Also included in with each Glow Tray is a handy draw sting storage bags which are so nice I’m sure everyone is going to find an everyday use for and a quick charge USB to USB-C cable.

    Easy Clean: Use damp cloth to wipe away any leftover residue, it’s that easy.
    DO NOT: put in the tray in a dishwasher or rinse under water.

    • Battery: Li-ion 3.7V 1800mAh
    • LED: 1.22W
    • Input: 5V / 2
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  6. 15% Off for Retail Customers across the whole site

    15% Off for Retail Customers across the whole site

    Use Discount Code Spin the Wheel this month in September to grab a massive 15% Off you entire order. This promotion only applies to Retail customers and can only be used once per customer. 



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