DNA Limited Collection Cannabis Seeds

From arguably the most successful seedbank of all time comes and home to the only genetics to ever get a perfect score at the High Times Cannabis Cup comes the Limited Collection!

Their fans asked for it and they have delivered in spades with some brilliant new strains developed using their award winning LA Confidential. These are some of the most limited cannabis seed strains you will see with some having very restricted numbers indeed,

Sure to become strains of legend only those that buy the seeds now will be able to get the genetics once they are gone they are gone, and DNA Genetics will not be releasing these varieties again. A true connoisseur’s delight, having strains that literally no one else will have is something for the real collector and true connoisseur.

The DNA limited Collection has come in 5 female varieties and 8 regular varieties all with a history and story that resonates the true search for the perfect plant. Some of the strains used are from the guys personal collections or straight off the west coast, with fabled Capt Krypt OG, Chem 91, Bubba Kush, Purple Chem amongst others. In the main the female plants are all LA Confidential crosses and the Regulars are all Captain Krypt.

You can find all the DNA Limited Collection here… 

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