Blunt Force: New Hemp Blunts from Jay’s Hemp Wraps

We love our blunts here at PureSativa. The good old-fashioned blunt wrap was a regular and a best-seller on our website for years.
Traditionally made from hollowed-out cigars or tobacco leaves, blunt wraps have long been a popular way for smoker to enjoy their favourite herbal blends. However, in recent years we have found that smokers have been rejecting tobacco wraps in favour of alternative, tobacco-free methods of smoking. We stopped selling tobacco wraps a while back and if we’re honest – we’ve missed them.
Imagine our joy then when our good friends at Jay’s got in touch about these new tobacco-free hemp wraps.

Hemp rolling papers have been around for years. They are probably more popular with smokers now than conventional wooden skins or rice papers. Hemp has a natural neutrality that allows the flavours of your smoking blend to shine through better than other materials. Now we are delighted to offer a range of flavoured blunt wraps from Jay’s Hemp Wraps which contain zero tobacco and are instead made from 100% natural hemp.
These hemp blunt wraps behave just like their tobacco-based counterparts – they roll and seal easily and are strong and tear-resistant so prepping a blunt is as simple as ever.
The hemp wraps burn slowly and smoothly for a relaxing, chilled smoke. The blunts are resista

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