US vaporizer manufacturers, Atmos have shaken up the market again with their latest offering, the ultra-cool, Atmos Liv.

The Atmos Liv follows in the footsteps of the Atmos RAW, Atmos Jewel and most recently, the Atmos Bullet Max vaporizers, all of which have been market leaders in terms of price, performance and build quality.

The Atmos Liv is a very versatile vaporizer.  Designed for use with either dried herbal blends or sticky, waxy concentrates, the Liv has a ceramic heating chamber which heats its contents evenly and thoroughly to a point just below combustion.  This means that the resultant vapour inhaled by the user is rich with flavours and active ingredients, yet free from harmful toxins and carcinogens that are normally found in smoke. 

The Atmos Liv differs to any other portable vaporizer on the market by virtue of the fact that not only is it a great quality portable vaporizer, but it is also a mobile power bank.  The Atmos Liv can be used to charge up other USB devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and MP3 players – absolutely perfect for summer festivals when charge points can be scarce.

However, the Atmos Liv is perhaps most appealing due to its stylish looks and discretion.  The sleek unit can easily be secreted in a pocket or handbag when you’re out and about, and is virtually indistinguishable from a modern MP3 player or small hard drive – especially when the detachable mouthpiece is removed and stored inside the device itself.

This is a premium quality portable vaporizer, made to a superb standard from quality components and finished with subtle, classy styling.

Each unit comes as a complete kit and includes the vap/powerbank itself, a detachable mouthpiece, a handy packing tool, a USB charger, cleaning brush and concise user manual.