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  1. New Atmos Bullet Max Vaporizer Pens Arrive At PureSativa

    The rise of the portable vaporizer as a smoking accessory shows no signs of slowing down.  Health conscious herb smokers are continually searching for the perfect vape to cut out the carcinogens and minimise the harmful effects of smoke inhalation:  The one that ticks all the boxes – portability, styling, discretion, value for money, hit quality, battery life, and of course the assurance that it isn’t going to toast all your herbal blends to a crisp.

    US manufacturers, Atmos, are industry leaders in portable vaporizers.  We already stock a range of their other products including the ever-popular AtmosRAW, and now, they have launched a new one:


    The 510 Bullet Max Vaporizer Pen by Atmos heats your herbs to the optimum temperature, just before combustion, releasing all the goodness inside, but none of the nasty particulates and carbon that you would get from smoking a blunt or a cigarette.  The Bullet Max is designed for use with either dried herbal smoking blends or waxy oils and honeys.  Specially designed for portability, the Bullet Max is sleek and discreet and can easily be stashed in a pocket or handbag.  The vaporizer uses a wickless, ceramic heating chamber to protect your herbs from burning when used, and the advanced, Lithium Ion battery means fewer charges and more vapping on the move.

    The 510 Bullet Max is available now from for the amazing low price of just £30.00 in your choice of black or white.  Each kit includes: 1 x Lithium Ion battery, 1 x Bullet Max cartridge, 1 x wireless USB charger, 1 x packing tool and 1 x user manual.

    The Atmos 510 Bullet Max Vap Pen is the only vaporizer you need to enjoy all your favourite herbs and waxes while you’re out and about.  Order today to be one of the first to get your hands on this amazing new vape pen.

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  2. Amazing Strains From Seedism

    Seedism Seedbank is a collective of friends and like-minded connoisseurs from all over the world that have formed an ever-growing collaboration, dedicated to preserving and propagating the known cannabis strains with the goal of establishing a natural alternative to conventional medication for future generations.

    Because Seedism is a collective, made up of a global network of breeders, they have accumulated a broad knowledge of marijuana genetics from cultivating the plant in a variety of different legal climates under a variety of different conditions right across the world.  This experimentation and experience, combined with the knowledge they gleaned from studying at Amsterdam’s Cannabis College, has resulted in the establishment of a world class seedbank offering some of the finest souvenir seeds available on the market today. are proud to operate as official UK distributor for Seedism, meaning we can bring these superb varieties of cannabis seed to the UK market.

    BLZ Bud Female Marijuana Seeds are guaranteed feminized seeds of this ridiculously potent strain.  This G13 hybrid is derived from a cross of G13 x Trainwreck x Super Silver Haze – a simply staggering pedigree that will definitely not disappoint.  When cultivated in a legal climate, breeders report very high yields and nine-week flowering periods.  The finished strain is not recommended for the faint-hearted.  Seedism say:  "Users report an incredible mix of flavours in the smoke ranging from sweet to sour and spice.  The initial hit gives way to an intensely euphoric, physical feeling of well-being."  A premium strain with a very high THC content.  Highly collectable.




    Super Sour Kush is the newest strain to be launched by Seedism.  This mostly Indica hybrid is derived from Sour Diesel x Grapefruit Kush x Bubba Kush.  This mouth-watering pedigree does not disappoint.  Seedism themselves describe the strain here:

                “Super Sour Kush does not stretch much thanks to our selective breeding, this makes the Super Sour Kush a perfect strain for maintaining a short growth cycle with as many plants as you can fit, any sea of green technique will show good results.

    Seedism’s Super Sour Kush is a fast flowering strain that can finish

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  3. Win A Packet Of 6 Kosher Tangie Seeds With

    To celebrate hitting 1000 likes on our Facebook page we are giving you the chance to win a packet of 6 Feminized Kosher Tangie Marijuana Seeds in our amazing new competition.

    Kosher Tangie is a superb hybrid strain of cannabis by DNA Genetics derived from a cross of their award winning Indica, Kosher Kush and 2013 Sativa award winner, Tangie.

    With the scent of tangerines and the dankness of Kosher Kush, the Kosher Tangie is like no other strain DNA has created.  Kush flavored nugs with citrus undertones, Tangie flavour with Kosher nugs you make the choice in this F1 hybrid, expect 3 phenotypes all being winners!

    These souvenir feminized seeds are sure to be a huge hit with seed collectors seeking to preserve special varieties like Kosher Tangie and protect the genetics for future generations.

    For your chance to win these superb, collectable seeds, simply go to our Facebook page and ‘like’ and ‘share’ the com

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  4. Free Easter Eggs From

    Easter weekend is almost upon us – a long weekend away from the office, a day in the park, barbecues, big footy matches, a huge roast dinner with the family and of course, gorging yourself sick on copious amounts of chocolate without a care in the world.

    We love it.  That’s why we’ve been out and bought a mother lode of Easter Eggs to give away to you guys over the bank holiday weekend.

    To get your free Easter Egg, simply place an order on on 4:20 – Easter Sunday, April 20thand we will ship out your chocolate treat with your order. 

    Why not get even more bang for your bucks by taking advantage of our great value seed offers? 

    Right now, if you buy any pack of marijuana seeds by TH Seeds* you will receive 2x feminised MK Ultra seeds absolutely free.

    Buy any pack of Feminized Paradise Seeds and we will send you a single random seed from Paradise’s range.

    We also still have very limited stocks of DNA Genetics Limited Collection.  Only 2000 packs of each strain of these incredible marijuana seeds will ever be released.  We’ve got a few of each strain left.  All the packets are numbered up to 2000. 

    Once they’re gone – they’re gone forever.  Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on these superb souvenir collectable cannabis seeds and preserve the strains for yourself for years to come.

    Happy Easter everyone, from all the team here at – we hope you have a lovely weekend.

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  5. Saintly Seeds - Feminized Strains From Holy Smoke

    Holy Smoke are an emerging seedbank specialising in feminized marijuana seeds of hybrid strains derived from a cross of European and African genetics.

    Nick, the founder of Holy Smoke was born and raised in Africa.  His passion for African landrace cannabis strains was ignited during his early years in Africa, so when he moved to Europe, aged 21, he quickly started experimenting with European Indica strains.  His experimentation led him to spot the gap in the market that Holy Smoke have now filled – hybrid strains of European Indicas crossed with the mind-blowing Sativa landrace strains that he loved so much from his time in Africa.

    Holy Smoke have gone on to produce some of the most desirable strains of marijuana currently available anywhere.  Their dedication to stability, yield, potency and taste is worthy of the highest praise, and now, as the official UK distributor, can offer these amazing feminized cannabis seeds for s

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  6. Dready Marijuana Seeds

    Growing enthusiast, DreadyBob, is naturally ‘green-fingered’.  He loves to grow fruit, vegetables and, of course, marijuana.  The seedbank that bears his name originated when DreadyBob was seeking to do nothing more than preserve his own favourite strains of cannabis, protecting them against potential catastrophe and keeping the genetics alive for future generations to enjoy.  DreadyBob started to read up on growing techniques and learning how to create seeds.  This naturally progressed into experimentation with crossing different varieties to make new strains unique to him.

    It was a huge success and now, years later, DreadyBob has his own seedbank of special strains, preserved for all time in feminised form. are honoured to be official UK distributors for Dready Seeds.  We love the story behind the seedbank, we love DreadyBob and we love the incredible strains he has created:

    Dready Berry is an Indica-dominant hyb

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