1. Hoodlamb Winter Stock Arrives PLUS Raw Artesano Papers

    Hoodlamb Winter Stock Arrives PLUS Raw Artesano Papers

    We have taken delivery of the new and latest release from our friends in Amsterdam, Hoodlamb! And this year they have improved on their previous design in both the hoodlamb relaxed pants, furry hoodies and jackets. The new Scarves are lovely with the thick SatiFur which is environmentally friendly and nice and toasty too.

    Dont miss out on any of the new line in Hoodlamd Hemp Clothing as we have limited stocks of some winter items and this range is always very popular especially when the cold begins to bite.  Producing some of the most eco logically sound clothing on the planet Hoodlamb have developed a range of jackets and outer wear that will simply not be beaten.

    They also produce a range of hemp T-Shirts which are sure

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  2. New Hoodlamb Winter Jackets arrive at PureSativa.com

    We have had all new stock of the Hoodlamb winter range delivered and they are already flying out the door as discerning customers decide that Hemp is the best! These jackets are the amongst the finest in the world worn with pride by a more environmentally aware consumer who demands the highest style and innovation but with an environmental credential unheard of in the fashion industry.

    Hoodlamb are an urban fashion label from Amsterdam making high quality outerwear using sustainable methods. Signature items from their collection are the Hemp HoodLamb Winter Jackets. Nothing warms you up quicker during a city blizzard or after a cold session in the surf or snow. These winterproof jackets are made of sturdy hemp and organic cotton and are lined with a soft fake fur made from hemp and recycled plastic. Even the water-resistant coating is environmentally friendly.

    Hoodlamb developed their own alternative made from eco-friendly hemp cellulose. Besides a broad line of

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  3. Hoodlamb Hemp T Shirts

    The Dutch Hoodlamb company are the leaders in premium hemp clothing, having launched their original Hoodlamb coats they ahve now moved into a summer range of clothing suitable for both men and women made to their high standards.

    These premium hemp tees are made from a blend of  hemp and organic cotton they feel lovely on the skin and each one comes with a hidden pocket on the inside of the t shirt which has an over lapping top so they keep everything safe and secure.

    The original designs have all been designed exclusively for Hoodlamb Tees and are guaranteed to last. Their quality is second to none and is sure to be a sure fire winner.

    Undoubtedly HoodLamb Tees and Tops are your best choice for Summer. They're made from a High in Comfort hemp / organic cotton material blend which is anti-bacterial, hypo

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