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What are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the product of female Cannabis plants impregnated with pollen; that said, there are several different types of cannabis seeds and phrases related to the breeding process resulting in those cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds are usually the product of several breeding styles that produce the following forms of seeds: Regular, Feminised, Autoflowering & high CBD, all of which we stock here at Pure Sativa, providing all types of Cannabis Seeds to buy. Cannabis Seeds are all legal in the UK, as referenced in the infamous criminal case of Gypsy Nirvana, where the court cited with judicial approval that "it is not illegal to offer for sale or supply... Cannabis seeds. Breeders such as Serious Seeds & T.H.Seeds have both feminised & regular cannabis seeds for sale at Pure Sativa. 


What are Regular Cannabis Seeds?


Regular seeds are bred by crossing a female variety of Cannabis with a male variety used to fertilise the female cannabis flowers, resulting in a new generation of genetics. Regular Cannabis seeds have a 50/50% chance of emerging as either male or female this follows the precise randomness intended by mother nature. Regular cannabis seeds are viewed as the most natural form of Cannabis genetics, as they are the product of pollination occurring in the same manner as in nature, and there is no tampering or tweaking involved. Regular genetics not bred into a hybrid form are still 'purebred', and these forms stem

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