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  1. John Sinclair Cannabis Seeds at

    John Sinclair Seeds

    John Sinclair Seeds is the new line of connoisseur cannabis seeds which honours both superior quality and the political march towards cannabis legalization. The legendary counter-culture hero John Sinclair has through over 50 years of cannabis activism developed a skilful taste for high quality bud. In cooperation with Ceres Seeds, John Sinclair has developed four stable F1 varieties which all capture, in their own way, the essence of a connoisseur’s choice. The four favourites of John Sinclair, all handpicked and exclusively selected, are John Sinclair Sativa, John Sinclair Indica, John Sinclair Skunk and John Sinclair Indica x Sativa .
    Cannabis Hero

    John Sinclair has made a legendary contribution to cannabis legalization. He became a heroic icon of counterculture and of cannabis activism when he in 1969 was arrested for giving two joints to an undercover narcotics officer. He was sentenced to 10 years for possession of marijuana. This event caused widespread reactions. Abbie Hoffmann jumped the stage during The Who’s concert during the legendary Woodstock Festival in protest of Sinclair’s arrestment, and several protest were issued in the aftermath of the arrest.

    Skunk Cannabis Seeds by John Sinclair

    Skunk is the original hybrid – the first ever stable crossing of an Indica and a Sativa. Today skunk is often used to refer to any powerful marijuana, but only the original skunk can live up to its reputation: very smelly, and very, very strong. John Sinclair has been a long lover of potent ganja, and this is his own tribute to the widely loved Skunk: a fast growing, high yielding plant with exceptionally strong effects.

    Trans Love by john sinclair cannabis seeds

    John Sinclair Sativa, known as ‘Trans-Love’ is a prime specimen of the celebrated  tropical Cannabis Sativa, which allures connoisseurs worldwide with its lucid, cerebral effect and boost of energy. There is no better fuel for a creative mind than a garden of top quality John Sinclair Sativa plants!

    Viper by john sin

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  2. High Times Cannabis Cup Winners 2011 Cannabis Seeds in Stock

    High Times Cannabis Cup Winners 2011 Cannabis Seeds in Stock is pleased that it has both the Indica Cannabis Cup Winner and the Sativa Cannabis Cup Winner in stock and reayd to ship from today. You can now buy both strains in feminized form to add to your collection.

    Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 Best Indica is Reserva Privada Kosher Kush

    The winner, KOSHER KUSH, is an amazing strain out of California. It is a stinky over the top strain with an average yield making all who smoke it feel "blessed". She grows tall so pinching will help tame her as well as beef up the yields. She is easy to grow for the beginner and a challenge to master for the expert. The Kosher can handle moderate to heavy nutrients and has a great bud to leaf ratio making her easy to trim. Kosher Kush will instantly become your favorite smoke. Any herbalist who tries her wants more....and they are now available as feminized cannabis seeds .

    It came top in the cup in fact it came joint top with DNA Genetics Kosher Kush but this was no surprise as they are the same plant and the same seeds! Proving that the voting is completely accurate. This has never happened before and is a result that the guys at DNA Genetics can be proud of.

    Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 Best is Buddha Tahoe OG

    Cali Connection are please to offer the female cannabis seeds of the Cannabis Cup Winner Buddha Tahoe OG. This strain is renowned throughout the community and is a well deserved winner. You are now able to buy these female cannabis seeds direct from


    She is a selected Pure Tahoe OG.

    This pheno takes you to enlightenment which will have you soaring for hours. She is very immediate once you inhale bam she sends you to the clouds, she will be great for indoor growing and suitable for outdoor growing just watch out for mold at the later part of the season due to its resin content...

    PureSativa are pleased to be the official UK distributer and wholesaler of all the seed brands that have won at the Cannabis Cup this year and send our congratulations to everyone involved in winning this year!

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