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  1. Support The WWF With

    The new range of WWF Sativa hemp bags, wallets, laptop cases, shoppers and backpacks has just landed on the shelves here at Sativa Towers and they’re looking great.

    We’ll be donating a percentage of sales from all these new bags and accessories to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to help with the admirable conservation work they carry out across the globe. fully support the WWF’s commitment to protecting endangered species by working to restore natural habitats and by lobbying for sterner punishments for those who hunt protected species or their prey.

    Our Sativa hemp bags have been popular with our customers for many years and we’re confident that this new range is our best ever.

    The new summer 2014 collection features 23 gorgeous new handbags, shoulder bags and accessories, ethically made from an eco-friendly blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.  Each of these new bags comes complete with a WWF hemp key ring or purse for you to keep as a token of your support for this most worthy of causes.

    The properties of hemp make it an ideal material for making stylish bags and clothing – hemp has a much higher tensile strength than cotton or other conventional materials which means hemp products are incredibly tough and durable, while remaining tactile and soft to the touch.  Hemp is also mould resistant, making the bags suitable for use outdoors or as gym/workout bags.  Hemp fibres are porous, which means hemp products effectively ‘breathe’; hemp cloth will keep cooler in warm weather, yet retain in heat in colder weather giving you the best of both worlds.  Of course, the main advantage of hemp is the fact that it is environmentally friendly and sustainable – hemp farmers do not need to use herbicides or pesticides to cultivate the plants and after the end of the product’s useful life, hemp is non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Sativa Bags' ethos of using eco-friendly hemp in their products, combined with their other ethical business practices has earned them a Best Buy a

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  2. RAW Release New Premium Rolling Trays

    RAW are the undisputed connoisseurs choice when it comes to rolling papers.  Their range of skins are made from entirely natural ingredients and are completely unbleached and free from chlorine or other whitening agents.

    Along with papers, RAW now also produce a range of other smoking accessories, from hemp wicks, to tobacco seeds and everything in between.

    On their own website ( RAW’s Josh, tells the story of an old friend named Chandler who had this amazing rolling tray.  It was an old 1970’s metal tray with the Club branding.  Josh loved it and, to cut a long story short, decided to attempt to make a modern version that wouldn’t break the bank.  The results are these new RAW trays made from thick metal to resist bending.  The trays are deep with steeply curved edges to ensure that no tobacco can escape off of the sides.  The thick, quality metal construction prevents the tray from bending or warping, which in turn prevents tobacco from being trapped within creases or ridges on the tray. are pleased to launch these two new metal rolling trays that RAW are saying are the best ever.

    The trays are decorated with the familiar RAW branding to resemble a pack of their outstanding, natural papers.  The quality finish means the tray will not peel or decay, so there is no risk of your tobacco or herbal blends being contaminated with any foreign objects.

    The tray is available in two different sizes to suit your style.  Grab your RAW rolling tray today from

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  3. Freebie Seeds This Summer With

    Today we’re launching our Summer 2014 cannabis seeds promotion in association with 5 of the world’s top seedbanks.

    We’ve joined forces with HortiLab, Paradise Seeds, Seedism, TH Seeds and True Canna Genetics to bring you great value freebie seed deals every time you purchase seeds from these breeders.

    HortiLab – Buy any pack of HortiLab seeds from and you will receive a feminized StarBud seed absolutely free.  StarBud is HortiLab’s flagship strain with multiple industry awards to its name.
    Paradise Seeds – Buy any pack of Paradise Seeds and we’ll send you a randomly picked seed from Paradise’s feminized, auto-flower collection.  A real lucky dip.

    Seedism – You’ll receive one feminized Cheese seed absolutely free with any pack of Seedism Seeds purchased.

    True Canna Genetics – Buy a pack of True Canna’s Terparella seeds and receive another entire pack absolutely free.  Terparella is a cross of Chocolope x Super Silver Haze.&nb

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  4. Kindtray – Sustainable Solutions For Festival-Goers

    It’s that time of year again, folks – Jo Whiley is on TV far too much, The Kaiser Chiefs have actually got a booking, the sickly, saccharine smell of £9 fairground hotdogs wafts through the air, and you’ve lost your smoke somewhere between the flooded portaloo you’ve just been hovering over and the ‘irony pit’ in front of the Hipster Stage, where 2,000 kids in ponchos are going apeshit to Scatman John.

    There is, of course nothing that your friends at Pure Sativa can do about the overpriced hotdogs, or indeed, the inexplicable festival appeal of The Kaiser Chiefs, but we can sort out your portable herb storage issues; no worries!

    Kind Trays are American-made, wooden utility boxes and trays, available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every conceivable smoking situation.  Their range of trays are made from sustainable, forest-certified, green or reclaimed wood and finished with food-safe clear varnish to retain their natural beauty. 

    Kind Tra

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  5. Ultra Genetics – Great British Breeding With Free Bonus Seeds are official UK distributors for the world’s top cannabis seedbanks.  We supply collectable, souvenir seeds retail and wholesale for all the breeders/seedbanks listed on our website.

    The range of marijuana varieties available from this collection of genetics experts includes some 30+ Cannabis Cup winning varieties across a wide range of categories.  We actively seek to source the finest, freshest seeds from a range of breeders to give you, the customer, an unrivalled choice of marijuana strains all in one place, right at your fingertips, at the best possible prices.

    Ultra Genetics Cannabis Seeds

    Ultra Genetics are one such seedbank.  Their British roots and outstanding strains of marijuana make their strains extremely desirable as collectable souvenirs, and are proud to offer their full range.  For a limited time only, we are giving away 3 Mazar-I-Sharif seeds and 3 AK Confidential x Grapefruit seeds absolutely f

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  6. Ceres Seeds – Old Skool Strains Direct From The ‘Dam

    Ceres Seeds are a prolific seed company, based at The Hempshopper store in the heart of Amsterdam.

    Over the years Ceres have developed many amazing strains of marijuana.  Their very first F1 variety was released in 2000 to critical industry acclaim.  White Panther, or White Smurf as it was originally known, bagged two gongs at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.  Ceres never looked back after that success and have since gone on to develop the incredible range of regular and feminized seeds that you can buy from today:

    Ceres’ White Indica is a vigorous, rapidly flowering variety that, when cultivated in a legal climate such as Holland, produces huge yields of white coated buds which are especially great for making hash.  White Indica flowers in 45-55 days, making it an exceptionally economical variety to propagate.  Available now from as collectable, souvenir seeds to retail and wholesale customers.

    Fruity T

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