1. Three New Female Cannabis Strains from Cali Connection

    Cali Connection Launch Three New Strains The guys at Cali Connection don't just sit around doing nothing, they work hard creating strains based upon age old varieties that have in some instances been the founding Mothers of todays award winning strains. By having a deep history and experience, with a very large and varied seed collection of their own they can breed some of the older varieties into stable S1 seeds. Giving you the chance to have these infamous strains in your own collection. 

    As the UK wholesaler and distributor of Cali Connection Cannabis Seeds we are one of the first to get their seeds into stock and our stocks are always fresh! 

    Blue Dream Haze Female Seeds 

    The Cali Connection once again brings you another West Coast Gem The Blue Dream Haze..That's Right we took this Famous strain from Cali and self pollinated her. Creating these S1 seeds you will find solid replica's of the mother, as well as even larger yielding phenotypes. Expect her..

    Boss Hogg Female Cannabis Seeds Boss Hogg is named after the Commissioner from "The Dukes of Hazzard"show. Why, you might ask. He was greedy, loved to eat good, and slept in a nice big house with a nice big car. She will yield huge....

    Chem 91 Female Seeds The Famed Chem 91 Sk Va clone only. Now we have the original one, the real deal in seed form finally, here she is.She is the mother of legends like Sour Diesel, Og Kush and the vast majority of...

    OTHER SEED NEWS... In  other seed news we have some very limited stock of the new Tangie by DNA Genetics so get your while you can before they are gone again! AK47 Female

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  2. All NEW Products from Sativa Bags and NEW Female Cannabis Seed Strains

    We have loads of new products to show you with new bags from the Sativa Bags range and a whole raft of new strain releases from some of our favourite seedbanks and breeders. 

    First those brilliant guys at Sativa Bags have released there latest Hemp Bags which feature Denim as there inspiration and indeed their colouring. they ahve take a selection of bags form their ever popular Sativa Bags range and reimagined them with a Denim fabric made from their environmentally sound Hemp/Coptton fabric. Designed to look fashionable and yet have the durabillity of hemp these bags are fantastically practical. Be sure to look at the entire range over in the denim hemp bags section!

    ALL NEW Feminized Seeds from Connoisseur Genetics

    Grandaddy White Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  3. Three Strains go Female from Cali Connection

    Cali Connection have feminized three of their legendary strains. The dark art of feminization takes time to ensure that the proportion of females is 100%. This as you can imagine takes a lot of effort and a lot of research to ensure that the plants are normal and not genetic freaks.

    The guys at the Cali Connection have now launched these three existing strains available in packs of 6 female cannabis seeds

    Female Jamaican Me Crazy

    Feminized Jamaican Me Crazy by the  Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank, the cali connection once again bring you some of the finest female cannabis seeds in the business. Based mainly on genetics from the Californian Coast, USA. Coming from Kingston by way of Negril. She is a very very fast finishing sativa with strong sandalwood flavors, with passion fruit undertones.

    Female Chem4 OG

    Feminized Chem4 OG by the  Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank, the cali connection once again bring you some of the finest female  cannabis seeds in the business. Based mainly on genetics from the Californian Coast, USA. These guys marry the finest marijuana strains with their favourite OG Kush legendary strain, to produce some of the finest pot or weed seeds with rare genetic material not usually available to seed collectors. In the growing collectors market place this is sure to make Cali Connection popular.

    or as the guys say

    "The Chem 4 clone was found from seeds started in 2006 from the original seed stock chemdog sent joebrand. joebrand stated the seeds chem sent him and out of them there was chem 1,2,3,4. the Chem 4 is what joebrand dubbed the Reunion pheno as it reminded him most of the original dogweed from crested butte. i crossed this to my SFV OGK F4 male"

    Female Jamaican OG

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