From a small, artisan workshop in the heart of Amsterdam comes this stunning new collection of glass smoking apparatus created by master lampworker, Chris Rawkins and his talented team of flameworkers. 

Amsterdam Glassworx is Chris Rawkins’ brand new company which launched earlier in 2014.  Chris was a Cannabis Cup winner for best glass in 2003 while representing Shiva Glass under the tutelage of the Cannabis College in Amsterdam.  Since then, Chris has not looked back, refining and honing his skills to the point he’s at today – a master craftsman, respected by glass connoisseurs and industry peers alike.

The Amsterdam Glassworx collection is a true reflection of how Chris believes glass smoking equipment should be made – beautiful, colourful and functional, with a focus on supreme durability – every single piece that leaves the studio has undergone rigorous quality checks as well as a 24 hour annealing process meaning a Glassworx product will give its new owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  Amsterdam Glassworx only ever use the finest quality Schott-Duran borosilicate glass for heat-resistance and strength.

The Amsterdam Glassworx collection includes bubblers, Sherlock pipes, spoon pipes, chillums and stash jars – all hand-made, so each piece is unique to you.  These beautiful glass smoking accessories are sure to be popular with glass collectors and smokers alike, so don’t miss out – order today.  The full Amsterdam Glassworx collection is now available from