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  1. Hoodlamb Winter Stock Arrives PLUS Raw Artesano Papers

    Hoodlamb Winter Stock Arrives PLUS Raw Artesano Papers

    We have taken delivery of the new and latest release from our friends in Amsterdam, Hoodlamb! And this year they have improved on their previous design in both the hoodlamb relaxed pants, furry hoodies and jackets. The new Scarves are lovely with the thick SatiFur which is environmentally friendly and nice and toasty too.

    Dont miss out on any of the new line in Hoodlamd Hemp Clothing as we have limited stocks of some winter items and this range is always very popular especially when the cold begins to bite.  Producing some of the most eco logically sound clothing on the planet Hoodlamb have developed a range of jackets and outer wear that will simply not be beaten.

    They also produce a range of hemp T-Shirts which are sure

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  2. Vapman Vapouriser Operating Instructions

    Opening and filling

    Open the container by pressing on the sides and carefully drawing the two halves apart. Then take out the middle section by turning it anti-clockwise. (1) Then insert the funnel tube so that the herbs do not get stuck to the edge and are later burnt off. Hold the vapman vertically when filling it, or place it on a level surface. Fill the finely chopped herbs only as far as the edge of the pan so that the air can later circulate freely. The vaporizer will not function if it is too full. (2) After filling, take the funnel tube out again and remove any excess herbs from the edge of the pan, either with your fingers or with a toothpick, (3)and then replace the middle section again. (4) Should any herbs have remained caught on the edge, remove these with a toothpick or by blowing them away.

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