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  1. RooR Seeds Amsterdam

    RooR Seeds Amsterdam

    The legendary Roor Glass company has now branched out, literally, into the production of Cannabis Seeds using their unique relationship with the legendary Shanti Baba they have back bred some of the worlds finest strains with some of the best producers to create new  strains which are developed purely for the connoisseur. You won't find these strains anywhere else and in time I am sure they will be available in female only, but for now you can buy these in rgeular seed packs only.

    Why not add some of these great seeds to your collection? only available from Roor Seeds Amsterdam.

    i1 or indica one by roor seeds

    The i1 is a 75% Indica dominant plant and is one of the best Afghan hybrids on offer. This plant

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  2. C-Vault Storage Tin with In-Built Humidity Regulator

    C-Vault is a completely airtight and very secure storage tin. Using stainless steel the C-Vault has 3 locks around the edge ensuring that your herbs remain safe and sound within the completely light proof storage tin. Included within the tin is the patent pending Humidipak which not only keeps moisture out of the air and thus prevents your herb getting mould damage but will also release moisture into the tin to keep plant matter at the perfect 62%

    Humidity needed for optimal freshness and taste. It is this unique patent pending insert that makes this product ground breaking. By controlling the release and absorption of water the Humidipak will ensure that your product retains all its complex flavours and potency. Don't be without, get yourself a C-Vault Storage Tin Now!

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  3. Hoodlamb Hemp T Shirts

    The Dutch Hoodlamb company are the leaders in premium hemp clothing, having launched their original Hoodlamb coats they ahve now moved into a summer range of clothing suitable for both men and women made to their high standards.

    These premium hemp tees are made from a blend of  hemp and organic cotton they feel lovely on the skin and each one comes with a hidden pocket on the inside of the t shirt which has an over lapping top so they keep everything safe and secure.

    The original designs have all been designed exclusively for Hoodlamb Tees and are guaranteed to last. Their quality is second to none and is sure to be a sure fire winner.

    Undoubtedly HoodLamb Tees and Tops are your best choice for Summer. They're made from a High in Comfort hemp / organic cotton material blend which is anti-bacterial, hypo

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