Reverly - Odour Proof and Water Resistant Luggage

Reverly are an odour proof and water resistant luggage and accessories company based in California, USA. The Revelry crew consists of a group of surfers, skaters and artists who represent their community, integrating themselves into every part of the vibrant and exciting culture bustling through the city of Santa Cruz. The ‘family’ at Revelry live where the beach meets Redwood and therefore embody a lifestyle which continuously transitions through the day. This is due to the diverse activities Santa Cruz offers; from the likes of surfing on the beach to hiking through the mountains.

Revelry was created in 2015 with a goal to ‘scratch their own itch’. The odour absorbing bags previously available in the market were plain black or grey dry bags, limited in individuality and style. The Revelry team were determined and most importantly confident in resolving this problem, success

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