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  1. Hurry! Free Shipping Offer Ends Today!

    Time is running out to take advantage of our month-long Free Shipping offer, which ends today.

    To take advantage of this fantastic offer, simply place an order over the value of £50 and enter the promotional voucher code “MarchFree” at the checkout.  Your order will then be recalculated and usual shipping costs removed.

    This is a limited offer until the end of March, so don’t delay, get your order placed today while the shipping costs are on us!

    Why not get an even better deal by combining our free shipping offer with one of our fantastic cannabis seed offers?

    For a limited time when you buy any pack of TH Seeds you will receive 2 feminised MK Ultra seeds absolutely free! 

    Or buy an

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  2. Rare Limited Edition Seeds - DNA Genetics

    DNA Genetics are arguably the most prolific cannabis seedbank in the world.  Their multi award-winning LA Confidential has spawned numerous hybrids with all the characteristics that connoisseurs look for.

    Now, DNA have released their Limited Collection:  Just 2000 packs of each of these incredible strains will ever be released.  Once they are gone, they are gone forever, and to that end, each pack is numbered for authenticity.  This is a chance for seed collectors to own a piece of genetics history for themselves and help preserve these wonderfully bred varieties of marijuana for future generations.

    SnowLAnd is a 70% Indica hybrid that the boffins at DNA have created by crossing their mental Snow Cap Romulan from a few years ago with their go-to Indica, LA Confidential.  The result is this outstanding strain which has all the medicinal characteristics of LA Confidential with the wild streak of the SnowCap.  This is an example of the finest breeding work around, and any seed collector worth his salt is going to want to get his hands on these unbelievable, rare, feminised seeds.  Don’t miss your chance.

    IsLAnd Female Cannabis Seeds are another hybrid marijuana variety derived from DNA Genetics’ flagship Indica, LA Confidential crossed with Maui Wowie from the Hawaiian Islands.  The result is a superb 60% Indica hybrid with dense flowers and a 9-week flowering time.  Now available as souvenir seeds in numbered, limited edition packets these are some of the most collectable seeds currently available.  Once these strains are gone, they are gone and only YOU will have the genetics, and with it the responsibility to preserve them.

    There are 5 female strains in the DNA Genetics Limited Collection which we will offer for sale while stocks last.  These superb souvenir marijuana seeds are not going to be on our shelves for long, so grab them while you can.

    All our descriptions have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom, take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any plant of the genus cannabis within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our

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  3. Goddess Of Grains And Queen Of Strains - PureSativa's Range Of Ceres Seeds

    Ceres Seeds’ derived their distinctive moniker from the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, but there is nothing mythical about the quality of their outstanding cannabis seeds.

    Officially founded in 1999, the Ceres team had been learning and honing their skills for many years beforehand.  Several of the founders were working in the Dreadlock Coffeeshop in Amsterdam and were experimenting with genetics using imported Jamaican, Colombian and Thai varieties of marijuana and learning to cross them with potent Indica strains.

    Ceres’ won two awards in the 2000 Cannabis cup for their first F1 strain, White Panther, and have not looked back since. 

    Ceres’ home in Amsterdam is the famous Hempshopper store which sells a huge variety of seeds from this, and other famous Seedbanks as well as a jaw-dropping range of eco-friendly hemp products such as clothing and foods. are very pleased to be able to bring you this wonderful range of female cannabis seeds from Ceres Seeds, featuring the very best in marijuana genetics for the UK souvenir collector market.

    Ceres Skunk Female Cannabis Seeds is Ceres’ version of the classic collectors favourite, Skunk.  Skunk is known for being incredibly easy to grow, making it ideal for the beginner as the strain will persist under almost any conditions.  The potent nature of Skunk has always made it very popular, and Ceres Skunk has the familiar herbal, musky fragrance and sweet taste.  A great variant on original Skunk that has a home in any souvenir seed collection.

    Orange Bud Female Cannabis Seeds by Ceres are another old skool strain that originally came from California in the USA.  A mostly Indica variety that is particularly popular with light smokers due to its pleasant, mellow effects.  It is known for being easy to grow and quick-flowering in legal climates, however, these presentation pack seeds for the marijuana seed collector make the ideal souveni

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  4. Bubble Bag Lite Kits - Home Extraction Just Got Serious

    Producing quality herbal extracts and plant essences has long been an elusive science.  The domain of boffins and folks in white lab coats with adenoids. 

    Now, thanks to our friends at Fresh Headies, are able to offer professional standard extraction equipment at prices to suit the budget-conscious amateur enthusiast.

    Whereas the original Bubble Bags required a large initial outlay to get you on the path of home extraction;  the Bubble Bag Lite is made to the same high standard using medical grade German screen fabric, but a lighter fabric for the side walls in order to keep costs down.  The Lite bags do not have a drawstring and the carry pouch is more economical – Other than that there is no difference, except they are much more affordable.

    The Bubble Bag Lite Kit from Fresh Headies is your passport to producing the finest quality herbal extracts without using any chemicals, special ingredients or special machinery – All

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  5. It's Cool To Be Kind: Launches Kind Tray

    It's Cool To Be Kind: Launches Kind Tray

    by PureSativa on 20 March 2014

    It takes a lot to get us excited here at PureSativa HQ.  But, every now and then a new product will arrive on our shelves and we just KNOW it’s going to be massive.

    That’s how we felt when we took delivery of the new range of KindTray products this week. 

    There is a definite bond between a smoker and his/her stash tray.  Many people have the same box for years and proudly show off the battle scars and superficial damage as evidence of how great a servant the tray has been.  Others even name their tray, giving it a moniker to reflect its loyal and steadfast personality. 

    Well, it may be time to retire your favourite box and begin a new love affair with your shiny new KindTray.

    KindTrays are manufactured in the USA from forest certified green or reclaimed woods.  They are finished with an all-natural food-safe coa

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  6. Sensi Seeds - You Know It Makes Sense

    For over 30 years, The Sensi Seed Bank has tinkering with marijuana genetics; refining and optimising some of the world’s most famous strains to ensure that the seeds they offer for sale are the very best on the market.  Breeders can buy Sensi Seeds from with complete confidence, knowing that quality, consistency and freshness are all assured.

    Over the last 30 years, Sensi have also accumulated some of the world’s most sought-after genetics, which they have thoughtfully preserved and catalogued for future generations to appreciate.  These Amsterdam-based industry legends do things properly, and now, you can own your very own souvenir Sensi Seeds and keep a little piece of genetics history in your collection.

    Silver Haze #9 is an almost entirely pure Sativa variety that has been reverse engineered by the boffins at Sensi Seeds to comprise all the characteristics of the original Haze varieties, including performance und

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