Monthly Archives: August 2011

  1. Indica Hemp Range of Bags, Cases, Backpacks and Sleeves

    Our ALL NEW range of Indica Hemp Bags have arrived on, based on our award winning and best selling Sativa Hemp Bag range the Indica range takes our range of ecofriendly, environmentally sound bags to the next level.

    Using our uniquely designed camouflage pattern we have termed "Canno" these backs are the ultimate in urban chic. Every hemp bag has been designed from the ground up to be both practical and beautiful in equal measure. We have a huge range of Laptop Bags, cases and sleeves for when you take your technology into the urban jungle. Each one is well padded, designed for a hectic lifestyle and tough enough to withstand even the harshes of tube journeys!

    Incorporated within the designs are hidden pockets designed to keep your keys and other valuables save from prying eyes and fingers, the Canno is a lovely design feature of the entire range, this

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  2. alivi8 vaporizer - the aleviate vaporizer from red-eye

    Complete with space age materials the ALL NEW Alivi8 Vaporizer has landed at The body of the vaporizer is made from surgical stainless steel and has the exclusive red-eye cooling path built into the body of the vaporizer.

    Using the Alivi8 is so easy to use, using materials usually only reserved for NASA the Alivi8 has a vaporising chamber which is covered with a heat resistant material develop to protect satellites from the extreme heat of space. Using this material the clever engineers at red-eye have created a vaporizer that uses the heat from a lighter to vaporize the materials in the chamber without burning them.

    Simply load the vaporizing chamber with your chosen material screw on the heat chamber and then simply place a lit lighter and draw slowly through the chamber, the vapor is realeased through the cooling channels ensuring the perfect vapor.

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  3. ROOR Vaporizer launches in the UK

    After years of speculation on what form the new RooR Vaporizer would take, today we can officially launch the all NEW RooR Vap.

    It has taken a long time coming but at last it is here and it is a lovely piece of equipment. The heating element in fact the whole thing is made from premium Schott Duran Pyrex. The heating element is encased in strong glass, the heationg element piece has been designed to allow the optimum draw across your chosen smoking herbs ensuring the correct hit from this piece time after time.

    With the base of the glass roor vaporizer contains water which is drawn through a diffuser ensuring that no particulate is drawn into the users mouth and thereby irritating the lungs. By diffusing the vapor through water this adds a certain amoutn of humidty to the vapor ensuring a very smooth and cool experience.

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  4. 420 UV Stash Jars from 420Science

    The Sun is our friend when we are growing vegetables and other plants, it nurtures them and gives them live. We may not feel it but that very Sun that gives life to plants and animals also helps in their decay once cropped.

    The devastating effect Ultra Violet light has on plant matter should not be underestimated. Increasing the process of decay, ageing the crop prematurely and ruining the crop whilst in storage if left in daylight.

    420 Science have come up with an ingenious solution they have created the UV Stash Jar that stops UV light penetrating the jar and thus protecting the contents from the harmful effects of sunlight and ultra violet radiation.

    They explain it with a little more science that I can

    "As we all know, sunlight enables plants to grow. But if they continue to be exposed to the sun after reaching maturity, the effect of the light actually accelerates the molecular decaying process. However, violet glass works as a natural filter that protects the quality of sensitive plant life.

    These new 420 Jars block all UV-B rays and the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet. At the same time, they allow permeation of UV-A and infrared light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the aging process, thus lengthening the lifespan and potency of your herb."

    We are the Official UK Distributor and Wholesaler of the all the 420 Stash Jar range and we are really please to add the 420 UV Jar to our range.

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