The ever-increasing popularity of concentrates and oils with smokers has sparked the emergence of a whole host of weird and wonderful new products, all designed specifically for use with waxes, honeys, oils and other concentrates. 

Here at PureSativa, we have been watching developments closely, monitoring the markets, and making sure that we get hold of the best new products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Oil Slick are one of the companies that have burst onto the scene with a catalogue of products all specially designed for use with sticky extracts.  Their existing product range mainly consists of storage containers – platinum-cured, non-stick containers for storing waxy concentrates in – and these have been incredibly popular.  PureSativa stock a selection of these silicone containers and the feedback we have had from customers has been excellent, so when Oil Slick launched two new products recently, we knew we had to grab them for you guys:

The Oil Slick Slab is a large, silicone sheet designed for protecting surfaces from damage while dealing with sticky extracts, as well as allowing you to reclaim any lost oils directly from the Oil Slick Slab’s non-stick surface.  The underside of the Slab features Oil Slick’s new ‘Slip Grip’ material which stops the cover from sliding about – even on shiny, glossy surfaces.  The top is made from a high-quality silicone which is odourless, tear-resistant and completely food-safe.  Never lose a dab to your table again with the Oil Slick Slab.

The Oil Slick Sheet is Oil Slick’s reusable alternative to parchment paper for use as a wrapper for sticky extracts, a liner for extraction apparatus, or as a sleeve for glass-on-glass joints in oil rigs.  The Oil Slick Sheet is made from Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – a remarkable material which exhibits many desirable properties for the concentrate user – PTFE is completely non-stick, completely resistant to solvents, heat-proof up to a staggering 500F and impossible to wet.  Water, and substances containing water cannot wet PTFE due to its unique molecular structure.  Each pack of Oil Slick Sheet contains a roll 122cm long and 41cm wide (48” x 16”) of PTFE which can be cut, scored or folded to shape and reused again and again.  Essential for the concentrate connoisseur.

Our full range of Oil Slick products can be found HERE – available now with rapid dispatch and amazing value prices.