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    Kosher Candy Regular Cannabis Seeds By Dankhunters Seeds.CO Dankhunters Seeds Co
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At Puresativa our ethos is to provide our customers with unparalleled Weed SeedsBong’sVaporizers and the most superior Smoking Paraphernalia available in the head shop industry today.

Our diverse range of weed seeds are sourced from the finest American, Dutch, Spanish, British seed banks. We also stock rare genetics such as Afghan Landraces strains and crosses from Hawaii that have landrace strains in their genetics. Our standards are incredibly high, meaning that when we meet with weed seed banks to work with, many simply don't meet our expectations. This practice is the only way to consistently promote the highest quality seeds and most desirable strains on the market to meet our customers expectations across the board. In addition, we work incredibly closely with the brands we support, enabling us to share an exclusive selection of some of the most esteemed weed seeds; such as Karma GeneticsArchive Seedbank, DNA GeneticsTerp HogzPerfect TreeRare DanknessT.H.Seeds, Paradise SeedsLady Sativa GeneticsSerious SeedsThe Cali ConnectionPheno Finder Seeds and many more!

At PureSativa we also have many smoking accessories such as bongs, rigs & vaporizers for both concentrate and herb use created by some of the most prestigious brands. In addition, we supply a variety of beautifully hand-blown heady glass art crafted by some of the most talented artisans, such as acclaimed brands like ROOR BongsIdab Nish Glass.

Alternatively, we stock electronic rigs in multiple colourways and vaporizers by PuffCoG.penDr. Dabber or even gravity bongs from Stundenglass. Plenty more options of rigs and vaporizers are also available by different brands. Complimenting these dabbing tools, we provide an extensive range of Dab Tools and Nails

Some of our other smoking accessories include a large variety of functional storage containers, such as Smokus Focus JarsRe:Stash Jars420 Science jarsC-Vault, and many more. Each product's been designed to create the most refined smoking experience for both beginners and connoisseurs. Our Boveda packs are the perfect accompaniment to these storage solutions making sure your terps or precious goods stay fresh. We also provide bubble bagsrosin presses and rosin press bags for the ultimate solventless extraction experience.

One of our earliest brands, Sativa Bags uses their signature hemp and organic cotton blend producing extremely durable and fashionable hemp bags. Sativa Bags has quickly established itself as being at the forefront of eco-friendly design. We encourage you to explore the endless benefits of hemp, as they are becoming increasingly popular. This stretches to hemp products in the beauty sector and can be found in hemp food and snacks.

CBD Supplements is just one of the latest product types we provide in our extensive range here at Puresativa. We only support brands that we know will perform to the highest level and therefore, strongly encourage you to relish in all the therapeutic benefits CBD Oil can provide.

We offer both retail and wholesale business online and at our shop in Watford. Retail head shops with the intention to register as a wholesale customer can do so here on our website, enabling you to place orders online.

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  2. Magical Butter Machine, DecarBox, Spatulas, Moulds & Cups Combo Pack -23.97%
    Magical Butter Machine, DecarBox, Spatulas, Moulds & Cups Combo Pack Magical Butter
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