Monthly Archives: October 2010

  1. Bubble Bags and Bubble Box

    Its rare in life that a product comes along that just does what it says it will do, no fuss, no hassles. Well that crafty Bubbleman has not only done this with his bags but his bubble box is perfect too. First the Bubble Bags which come in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 20 gallon sizes offering you the perfect choice of bag for your particualr circumstances. Using Ice Extraction is a very efficient way of preparing your plant essences.

    The bubble box on the other hand allows you to store your dried plant flowers upoon mesh screens which having various micron sizes allows the essences from the flowers to pass through preparing varying grades of essence to be produced. Its an inspired design with the quality of the Bubble Box just shining through.

    If you feel the need to treat that significant other with a treat then I can honestly say that a bubble box is going to be well recieve

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  2. Sick of Losing your Lighter? Then you need the Lighter Leash!

    Where do all the lighters go? Its a bit like the age old dilema of dissapearing socks? BIC Pens where do they go, you have a pen to hand then you go to use it has sloped off! Lighters just when you need your lighter you look at the table its not there, you feel around in the deep recesses of your pockets and its not there. Your lighter is missing! Its a daily dilemma and usually happens just as you really really want to smoke. Bring on the solution to all your lighter thievery problems, because lets be honest you passed someone your lighter and they stole it IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE :-) Bring on Lighter Leash designed with your ease of use in mind. Slip your lighter in the very grippy plastic pouch then attach to your belt hoop or your handbag ladies. Then if someone wants a light you can basically pass them the lighter but it cant go anywhere! All your problems solved in a simple yet effective design.

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  3. Bonfire Night or Halloween

    Halloween or Bonfire Night?

    Halloween is a relatively new celebration to the United Kingdom, or should I say the american version of Halloween, the trick or treat. I was determined not to utter the dreaded phrase, so lets hope you all get treats. Knowing what you like is instinctive I will always be a Bonfire Night supporter. Its the same with our Hemp Bags which bag you choose is entirely personal preference. Whether you want a shoulder bag, a clutch bag or a handbag the beauty is they are all made from sustainable, ecological and affordable Hemp.

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  4. Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

    I was wandering around the town today and began to see the encroaching touch of christmas sprouting up. It was subtle to be sure, christmas cards are already in the card shops! Wrapping paper has appeared at my local tesco checkout. It got me wondering, how soon should we be talking about christmas and when should we start preparing for christmas. As noth a retailer and wholesaler here at we have to wear two hats! We want our wholesale hemp bags customers to make sure they have plenty of stock in and maximise their sales in the run up to christmas. As a retailer we want to of course offer you the best choice we can and try and take the strain of the xmas rush from you. So ultimately I suppose the earlier we bring your attention to the fact xmas is nearly here the more likely you are to not leave your christmas gift buying to the last minute. I just hope we all have a good christmas with the ones we love, and that you buy the one you love something off the puresativa website

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