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  1. Autumn sale save upto 50% off RRP off our Hemp Bags and Laptop Cases

    its our Autumn Sale were we have massively reduced some Hemp Bags and Hemp Laptop Cases. With some savings of upto 50% off RRP saving over £40 on the Indica Hemp Laptop Briefcase

    We scoured our warehouse looking to bring you some of our more popular hemp bags at crazy discount prices, hoping to get everyone ready for the cold winter nights. In the current economic climate its always good to look out for a bargain and some of these prices we just will never be able to repeat, so buy now whilst stocks last because when these hemp bag bargains are gone they're gone. Its very limited stock on some of these items so don't miss out. Like they say the early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese ;).

    Pathetic jokes to one side, these savings make it possible for you to plan ahead for Xmas and get a value for money quality Christmas gift in now, and

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  2. The Original Seedbank - Sensi Seeds hit

    The Original Seedbank - Sensi Seeds hit

    One of the oldest and most respected seedbanks of our time has finally come to PureSativa the UK's premier wholesaler and distributor of cannabis seeds. Based in Amsterdam this seedbank is by far the most venerated of the Amsterdam seed producers.

    It is seldom that a seedbank produces genetics that have gone down in history as being ground breaking and enter into the urban mythology of a generation. Sensi Seeds have a selection of quite frankly outstanding plants and seeds to choose from all with a unique history and perspective.

    Big Bud for instance a hugely popular plant with a wonderfully descriptive name.  G13-Haze a reputedly USA government genetic freak, taken form secret government test centre in the 1970's and brought to Europe. Sensi Seeds cultivated and protected those genetics and these are arguable the basis for a lot of strains now out in the market place today.

    We are glad to welcome Sensi Seeds to our stable of fine Dutch masters. Each seedbank has their own character and history, Sensi Seeds is simply the grand daddy of them all.

    They have entered the feminized market place and brought some of their world revered strains out in purely feminized form, checkout these female cannabis seeds :

    Big Bud Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    Big Bud has long been famous as a cannabis strain with jaw-dropping yields. Less well-known is the fact that her superior Indica pedigree has been carefully refined and steadily improved over many years. Big Bud’s early development occurred in the USA before the strain was brought to Holland in the Eighties in search of political asylum.

    Silver Haze #9 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    The first Haze ranks as a vintage masterpiece of cannabis breeding, a harmonious blend of complementary equatorial genotypes which is widely regarded a

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