1. Perfect Balance Yoni Balm by OM Wellness CBD: Everything you need to know

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    OM Wellness has reminded me that our vaginas should be a high priority in our self-care routines. The CBD Perfect Balance Yoni Balm by OM Wellness is a woman's best friend, aiding her through each stage in her cycle. Whether it's PMS, periods, perimenopause, or menopause, your yoni goes through it. Perfect Balance is the 'perfect' solution to 'balance' your vaginal health and vaginal pleasure

    Perfect Balance is an entirely natural, vegan and cruelty-free balm containing broad-spectrum CBD in every jar. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is the non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. CBD has no THC, the compound responsible for giving you a high. As research grows on the healing benefits of CBD, information concerned explicitly with CBD and women's health is a hot topic and rightly so. 

    Dr Alex Capano, the first person to achieve a PhD in cannabinoid studies and an impressive collection of credentials, shares our 'female reproductive organs contain many cannabinoid receptors which CBD binds to'. So, let's discuss how CBD Yoni Balm can help you have a happier vagina. 


    How can CBD help you have a happy vagina?

    As our bodies experience hormonal changes within our lifetime, we may experience vaginal discomfort and pain. Typically our vaginas are self-lubricating, but many women experience vaginal dryness. Particularly during menopause, vaginal dryness is a common symptom, leading to increased yeast infections, such as thrush. There's also a higher chance of experiencing UTIs due to your estrogen levels falling and vaginal tissues thinning.

    Let's be honest; UTIs or thrush are incredibly uncomfortable and, to be quite frank, frustrating. CBD has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so inserting a scoop of Perfect Balance Yoni Balm into your inner yoni will assist in balancing your PH levels, promoting your vaginal health and wellness. 


    Have fun and sex it up with Perfect Balance

    We can't talk about vaginal wellness without talking about pleasure. If it isn't already, add sex to your checklist of self-care. Inspired by my latest re-binge of the brilliantly outrageous Sex and The City series, I naturally started thinking about my group of girlfriends. Conversations surrounding sex aren't taboo like it once was. So, whether you identify more with Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or a cocktail of all the women, the 'Perfect Balance' is here to amp up your sex life.

    Women can experience pain during sex due to vaginal dryness. However, discomfort also affects women beyond physical pain. It can also affect a woman's confidence; every woman deserves to feel sexually confident. Another common reason for vaginal pain is your pelvic muscles can naturally tighten before insertion. 

    Research suggests CBD provides relief by soothing your muscles. As well as relaxing your muscles, OM Wellness' Yoni Balm acts as a lubricant, giving you a little nudge in the right direction for a juicy yoni. Whether you want to indulge in self-pleasure or enjoy with a partner, the Perfect Balance CBD Balm allows a pain-free and slippery glide during insertion. 

    Perfect Balance works beyond its pain-relieving and lubricating duties in the bedroom. Think climax. Research suggests CBD increases blood flow by stimulating more blood to fill the genital tissues, heightening your sensations. So, if you want to switch things up and experience intensified sexual pleasure, scoop the Perfect Balance CBD balm to your inner or outer yoni and let it work its magic. You can keep the Perfect Balance jar in the fridge, freezer, or even your room, where the balm becomes more liquid. The beauty of the CBD balm is it's entirely up to your preference in terms of consistency, temperature and where you want to apply the balm. Please note you

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  2. Afghan Cannabis Strains

    Afghan Cannabis Strains

    Afghan Cannabis Strains

    Origins of Cannabis

    Cannabis is thought to have evolved in the Qinhai Plateau in eastern Tibet around 28 Million-years ago. The Neolithic Archaeological finds of fossil pollen suggest that it was first domesticated in multiple areas around Central Asia for its fibre and seeds. Recent research on wooden braziers stemming from C.500 BCE in Western China has shown concrete evidence of the selection of Cannabis for its Psychoactive properties. It was during this period that Cannabis began to Spread between China and Eastern Europe via a route that would have been the precursor to the Silk Road route. Proof of the Scythians burning Cannabis at their burial rituals appears to indicate that being a Central Asian tribe with nomadic and settled communities, they would have likely been responsible for the early dispersion of Cannabis as they migrated between India, Russia, China and Danube from the late Bronze Age to the 3rd century BCE. 


    In regions such as North and Eastern Asia, followed by Europe, Cannabis became a popular seed and fibre crop. Contrastingly, at the same time, one of the plant's main uses in central and southern Asia for its psychoactive properties. Afghanistan's geography (small populated valleys surrounded by towering mountains has always made the country tough to govern and consequently became an ideal place for cultivation. However, governmental pressures caused a slow but increasing decline in the production of Cannabis in regions such as Balkh. Nevertheless, in modern times at the physical heart of the first propagation of Cannabis, the traditional cultivation of Cannabis remains unchanged, making for a unique & pivotal part of Cannabis Culture(1).


    Afghanistan, a country with a long history of cannabis cultivation, is known for its diverse and unique cannabis strains. These strains have deep connections to their origin regions, with each being home to distinct genetics that reflects the area's environmental conditions and cultural practices. This article will explore parts of Afghanistan and the associated cannabis genetics, focusing on whether they are landrace or hybrid varieties. We will also explore the diverse climates of Afghanistan and the types of Cannabis found in each region; some of these genetics are available through our Afghan Selection range of elite landrace seeds.


    Afgan Regions and Their Cannabis Genetics

    Afghanistan consists of several distinct territories, each known for producing unique Afghan Cannabis strains, so let's explore some of these regions and their associated genetics: 


    Hindu Kush Region

    The first mention of Kush concerning Cannabis is about the varieties found in the Hindu Kush mountainous region of Northeast Afghanistan, which also stretches through present-day Pakistan, Tajikistan and China. Hindu Kush as a strain has direct links back to this region as its genetics will be descendants of landrace Indica dominant varieties or at least those with traditionally sedating terp profiles as previously discussed (link); the labels of Sativa and Indica are a topic of debate as obsolete ways of classing Cannabis genetics. A landrace is a original Cannabis strain not selectively bred in modern times that has organically developed over thousands of years in direct adaptation to the

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  3. StarFire Genetix

    StarFire Genetix Banner

    One of the latest highly-sought after artisanal breeders that have launched distribution and retail with us is StarFire Genetix. This talented American breeder needs no introduction, achieving high recognition for their work in producing elite, exotic, designer genetics. After years of dedication to Cannabis, their perseverance enables them to network, nurture & build relationships with only the most prominent names in the Cannabis industry. StarFire Genetix's goals were to build up an array of the most-premium, exotic & most sought-after phenotypes, and they produce flavour-packed strains through painstaking

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  4. RIP Big Buddha - Forever In Our Hearts

    RIP Big Buddha - Forever In Our Hearts

    RIP Big Buddha: excerpts from our interview in 2022

    With a heavy heart, I write this blog on our dear friend Milo Yung, founder & brains behind The Original Big Buddha Family Farms as well as the founder & face of the Big Buddha Seeds, (from whom he split from in recent years) has tragically passed away in his sleep after some time struggling with health issues. Michael Wei Hung NG, aka Milo Yung Aka Big Buddha, passed away on Thursday, 27th of April 2023.

    Who was Big Buddha?

    Big Buddha rose to fame in the mid-noughties with his 2006 Cannabis Cup win & his genetic workings using the Cheese strain after managing to score a cut from the infamous Zorro, then-editor of Red Eye magazine, which he forged his version of by outcrossing

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  5. Spannabis 2023

    Spannabis 2023

    Spannabis Trade Show

    Spannabis 2023 was an event which nurtured the growth of cannabis culture and free-spirited minds as an eclectic flurry of the world's cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts united under one roof in the energizing city of Barcelona, Spain.

    As the week of the Spannabis show approached, chaotic energy was whizzing around the Puresativa HQ in true trade show fashion. Some weeks after the whirlwind event housing the international cannabis industry, I have begun to reflect on our time at Spannabis. Each time I rewind to moments from the electrifying event, it feels more and more like a movie. Spannabis 2023 was one for the books, a sentiment shared amongst many of us, so it's only fitting to start from the beginning. 

    On Thursday, the 9th of March 2023, we approached our bare exhibition space in the nostalgic Fira de Cornellà. I mixed a cocktail of excitement, nerves, and anticipation served on the rocks to fuel my adrenaline as we got to work to put our Puresativa mark in the Spannabis 2023 hall. And just like that, Friday came as hundreds of businesses and thousands of visitors from the likes of cannabis breeders, hash makers, weed consumers, and hemp and CBD lovers were able to have open and honest conversations in a safe space.

    Spannabis 2022 still had covid restrictions looming over the event, so naturally, paranoia lingered at the back of our heads, and face masks were part and parcel of the affair. The exhibition didn't have the typical excitement and energy ricocheting through the hall - but we respected that. However, this year for Spannabis 2023, there was almost a silent agreement among the exhibitors to have a common thread of positivity and brilliance. It didn't feel like there was a competitive spirit to me. Instead, we collectively thrived and delivered an event to surpass expectations this year. 

    Which cannabis seeds did Puresativa bring?<

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  6. 420 History

    420 History

    4/20 is an unofficial Cannabis holiday on April 20th each year, following the American date and time notation form where the month is first, followed by the day. Although the origins have been a hot topic of discussion for many years, in many ways, you can draw similarities from these discussions to conversations on the future of Cannabis in contemporary times, where, despite rampant developments, a universal consensus is far from a reality. Regardless, we'll walk you through the most credible narrative of how the phrase and unofficial holiday may have come, so buckle in, roll one up and get comfortable as we try to take you through history! 

    History of 420

     The story of 420

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