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Who and what is DabX?

DabX is the revolutionary new dabbing brand at the forefront of cutting-edge modern wax vaporiser technology that brings the power of a traditional butane-torch heated banger, the conventional method of cannabis concentrate consumption, and packs that power in an easy-to-carry, super-portable design. DabX is the brainchild of Chris Rado, a professional race car driver whose journey to California, unbeknownst to him then, was making strides towards creating the world's best dab device. Firstly, Rado began working in a race shop to find out what caused the engines inside these beasts to tick. Then, after achieving 20 world track records at the height of his career, he retired to begin developing vape technology for his father, who had taken sick dealing with cancer and other ailments. Rado's father could not take the painkillers recommended by Doctors, so Rado immediately

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