DNA Genetics

A few weeks ago we announced our new business venture, PureDNA, which sees us joining forces with Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics to launch a new souvenir marijuana seed distribution business based in Chile, South America.

We’re very excited about this here at Sativa Towers which is why this Friday’s blog focuses on the story of DNA Genetics, their impeccable High Times Cannabis Cup record and their incredible knack of creating the world’s most desirable strains of marijuana.

DNA Genetics takes its name from the company’s two founders, Don and Aaron – two cannabis connoisseurs from Los Angeles, California who met by chance many years ago. They quickly became close friends, partially because of their shared love for high-end cannabis.

The guys built up a collection of seeds that they were gifted by friends and family.  They began to grow the seeds out and started experimenting with crossing their favourite strains to create unique hybrids, harnessing the most desirable traits of both parents resulting in some incredible strains. 

Don and Aaron were shrewd enough to realise that they were on to something.  They had a rare talent for understanding the plants and when combined with their sheer enthusiasm for all things cannabis, this made their friendship a very lucrative commodity.

The guys were still operating out of L.A., and despite the State of California’s somewhat liberal stance on cannabis, they felt they needed to relocate to be closer to the beating heart of the industry.  In 2003, they upped sticks and moved to Amsterdam.  DNA Genetics was officially founded a year later in 2004 and the guys have not looked back since.

Their breeding operations in Amsterdam soon became too large for just the two guys to handle, so they recruited some “homies” to assist them with the growing side of the business, which freed up Don and Aaron to concentrate on breeding and genetics.  The immediate benefit of this move was that they now had a trusted circle of experienced growers who knew good weed as soon as they saw it.  Don and Aaron are not at all precious about their work.  They respect their elders and they listen to the feedback that older, more experienced connoisseurs give them.  This has stood them in good stead – They won their first High Times Cannabis Cup in 2005, winning Best Sativa with their Martian Mean Green.  This strain was derived from a cross of G13/Haze (which DNA got from Soma Seeds) and Sharksbreath.  In a refreshing break from the often cut-throat nature of the Dutch business, Don and Aaron took to the stage and publicly thanked Soma for providing them with the G13/Haze male plant.  It’s this kind of humility and nice guy attitude that makes DNA Genetics stand out from the crowd.

Since then, DNA Genetics have amassed over 50 (FIFTY!!) separate industry awards.  Flagship strains such as L.A. Confidential, Kosher Kush, Chocolope and Holy Grail account for most of this success, however, the guys are never ones to rest on their laurels – they are constantly pushing forward, looking for better and better genetics to create the strains they know will give the cannabis community the most enjoyment.

2013 saw the emergence of ‘Tangie’ – DNA’s new super sativa, which was released under the umbrella of Reserva Privada - DNA's 'Private Reserve' or exclusive offshoot.  True to form, it began to dominate industry competitions, winning the LA Medical Cup (Best Sativa), the US Cannabis Cup (Best Medical Sativa), the US Cannabis Cup (Best Mixed Hash) and placing in the San Francisco Medical Cup.  This year, Tangie already has a 2nd place at the Bio Cannabis Cup and ‘Sour Tangie’ clinched best hybrid in the KushCup.  The big one is still to come, however.

The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup begins on 23rd November, and who would bet against the DNA boys cleaning up again?  Their mouth-watering cross of Tangie and Chocolope – ‘Tangilope’ is our tip for top honours this year.  There is bound to be stiff competition in Amsterdam, as there always is, but win or lose, we know that it will have no effect on these two master breeders – they’ll be back, year-on-year, delivering the finest varieties of marijuana to the world, and loving every second of it.