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  1. Say Aloha To FREE Hawaiian Cannabis Seeds from Pakalolo Seed

    Say Aloha To FREE Hawaiian Cannabis Seeds from Pakalolo Seed

    PureSativa are over the moon to be welcoming authentic Hawaiian seedbank, Pakalolo Seed to the UK’s best cannabis seed site with their exotic blends of old skool Hawaiian genetics and iconic modern strains.

    The celebrate the launch of Pakalolo Seed on the PureSativa site, we’re giving away a FREE pack of 6 Wahine Ilikea cannabis seeds with every purchase of any of the new Pakalolo Seed launch collection.

    Wahine ‘ilikea is the name of a famous Hawaiian folk song which references the beauty of the Hawaiian island of Molokai and her stunning cascading waterfalls. Wahine ‘ilikea literally translates to “wonderful woman” and the song lyric compares the beautiful white mist rising above Molokai’s waterfalls with the beauty of a fair-skinned woman revealing herself to her lover.
    Wahine ‘ilikea – the cannabis strain – is indeed a “wonderful woman”. An authentic Hawaiian Sativa cannabis that offers up something genuinely different from recent seed drops.

    Legally operating growers can expect Wahine ‘ilikea to grow prolifically with abundant branching and good structure. Flowering takes between 63-70 days and, like the mists of Kamakou mountains, a silver-white layer of beauty covers the tops as she finishes. A real taste of genuinen Hawaiian landrace cannabis all for free when you buy a pack of Pakalolo cannabis seeds.

    The new Pakalolo Seed collection of cannabis seeds have only recently landed here at PureSativa and we’re still excited about this drop. It’s unusual enough to see old skool Hawaiian landrace genetics being made widely available, let alone with the fusion on contemporary genetics we seen here.
    The beautiful Pacific state of Hawaii has long been associated with elite cannabis; strains like Maui Wowie and Kona Gold have appeared in Hollywood movies and the locals are proud of their cannabis culture.
    Pakalolo have selected just five iconic Hawaiian strains and crossed them with elite cannabis strains from modern breeders like Crockett, DNA Genetics and Cannarado. The resulting launch collection is five, Sativa-dominant hybrids with soaring, euphori

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  2. Many Happy Returns – New Birthday Cake Crosses from Cannarado Genetics

    Many Happy Returns – New Birthday Cake Crosses from Cannarado Genetics

    Cannarado Genetics are one of our favourite American Cannabis Seed companies here at PureSativa. As their moniker suggests, they are based in the US state of Colorado – home to the Mile High City, the Rocky mountains, the mighty Denver Broncos, and of course, the first legal recreational cannabis market in North America. Cannarado have benefitted hugely from the immediate availability of the world’s finest cannabis genetics – their strain catalogue has grown, and they have developed as breeders thanks to the ready availability of elite genetics.

    We are delighted to have taken delivery of Cannarado’s latest new strains – a range of exotic hybrids, all featuring genetics from the famous Birthday Cake cannabis strain that has captured the imagination of breeders and consumers for it’s

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  3. Qnubu Rosin Extraction Systems – Hot Off The Press!

    Qnubu Rosin Extraction Systems – Hot Off The Press!

    PureSativa are thrilled to welcome Spanish extraction specialists, Qnubu to the retail and wholesale site with their superb range of rosin extraction presses, parchement paper and nylon extraction bags.

    Based in the magical city of Barcelona, Qnubu manufacture premium quality home extraction presses and accessories for making professional standard essential oil extracts without the need for any solvents.

    Home extraction has exploded in popularity in recent years as the technology to achieve professional standard results has become more accessible and affordable. The production of essential oils and rosin with this system is staggeringly simple: power up the extraction press and set your desired press plate temperatures. While the plates heat up, place your plant matter between two sheets of parchment paper or inside a Qnubu extraction bag. When you’re at the right temperature, just place the bag onto the bottom heat plate and engage the press. In a matter of minutes, the dry plant matter will be vaporized and transformed into a sticky, viscous essential oil that retains the concentrated flavours, aromas and potency of the raw material. Allow to cool and then unfold the extraction paper to reveal your rosin, which can be easy collected from the non-stick paper.
    The press can be used on any sturdy, flat surface and does not require bolting in place or any extra fixings.
    Please note that the Qnubu one ton extraction press is fitted with a 220v EU plug as standard, so UK customers will need a simple EU>UK adapter, whereas US customers will need a 110v>220v step-up voltage converter to power the press.

    The Qnubu extraction bags are specially manufactured nylon bags that are heat and pressure resistant. Available in different micron sizes, the extraction bags are suitable for use with differing grades and consistencies of plant matter. Smaller micron sizes are ideal for loose material such as pollen or ground herbs, while the larger micron versions can handle larger flowers and raw, woody herbs like lavender and thyme.
    Similarly, the heat settings on the press can be adjusted to allow for a gentler purge on delicate items like rose petals or turned up to thoroughly vaporize tough plant matter like pine and conifers to make authentic rosin.

    The whole range of Qnubu extraction products is made using premium quality components and materials that will provide years of successful home extraction. Like other manufacturers listed on PureSativa, we have chosen Qnubu extraction presses because we believe they are the best product of their type currently available. 

    Order your Qnubu professional home extraction equipment from PureSativa today and get FREE UK SHIPPING on all retail orders over £40.

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  4. Archive Seedbank – Legendary Cannabis From The Pacific North-West

    Archive Seedbank – Legendary Cannabis From The Pacific North-West

    Archive Seedbank are an elite cannabis seeds company, coming out of the Pacific North West of the United States. The company was officially founded in 2011 by the mysterious breeder known simply as The Docta. Here’s a little background about The Docta, his team, and the rich culture of cannabis in the North-Western USA: 

    The Pacific North-West is big – like, really big. Although geographical definitions of the area vary, is it universally agreed that this vast wedge of the US encompasses at least Washington state and the state of Oregon. To give a little perspective, Oregon alone is larger in area than the entire United Kingdom. Framed by the Rocky mountains to the East and the Pacific ocean to the West, this is a part of the US with a long history of cannabis culture that extends southwards into neighbouring Northern California and the infamous Emerald Triangle.

    Of course, Washington and Oregon were also two of the States fortunate enough to be among the first to open up to cannabis legalisation back in 2015. Naturally, this new found freedom saw an explosion of new cannabis-related businesses, farms and of course, customers.
    Many of those fledgling companies have since fallen by the wayside as the market forces of increasingly discerning customers ensured survival of the only the fittest. Predictably, Archive Seedbank positively flourished. Their award-winning seeds are widely available locally and in legal states across the US. Their catalogue of cannabis strains has ballooned from an initial 60 to over 90 varieties now listed. To put that seemingly innocuous statistic in perspective, legendary Dutch company Serious Seeds started out 17 years earlier than Archive with less than ten strains, and 26 years later, they now have a whopping 14 (excluding autos).
    Now, at this point a few purists might be rolling their eyes and thinking: “Well anyone could release 90 strains in ten years!” “They’ll all be trash! Companies like Serious Seeds do things properly!”
    And they’d be right. But also very wrong.
    Companies like Serious Seeds and Sensi Seeds

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