1. Roor Are Back And This Time It's Personal

    Cult German manufacturers, Roor have once again got us all giddy with excitement with their Roor Bong 500 Logo Series.

    The Roor 500 Logo Series allows you, the customer, to choose your own logo and ground joint size without having to wait for a full customisation order. These beautiful glass water pipes are exactly the same as the standard Bong 500 series but now you can choose your logo colour and joint size as you place the order. Available in 5 stunning colour schemes with either a 14.5mm or 18.8mm joint size, now your Roor bong can really reflect your own personal tastes.

    And why not personalise your Roor set-up further still by choosing

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  2. Roor Roll Out The Legends For Latest Collabs

    Mention Roor to any smoker and they will normally think of their incredible glass bongs and bubblers.  The sheer quality of Roor glass makes the brand a byword for high end smoking accessories among knowledgeable tokers. are the official UK wholesale distributors for Roor, so we’ve seen almost all of their lines over the years.  Today, however, some new rolling papers and glass filter tips arrived and we were really quite taken aback:

    The Roor Cypress Hill Phuncky Glass Filter Tip was designed and brought into production in association with B-Real and his bandmates from Cypress Hill.

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  3. Roor Bongs Padded Hemp Bags

    RooR Bongs Padded Bong Bag

    Sometime you just want to go out chillin' with your roor bong, and with such a serious investment in a lifetime glass piece you know you want to protect it! RooR Bongs have produced the RooR Bong Hemp Bag which like everything else those guys do has been thought about with some seriousness. The questions have been asked which roor accessories would we take on our journey well you have a rip out pocket that has room for all manner of roor merchandise, this is what will fit in your bag!

    • RooR Diffuser Downstems
    • RooR Bowls
    • RooR Gauzes
    • RooR Cleaner
    • RooR Poker
    • RooR Stopper

    All this and more will fit into the bag as well as your RooR Bong itself. So people when thinking of a considered purchase like one of our many RooR Bongs, please spend a moment thinking about protection, buy yourself a RooR Padded Bong Bag and look after your serious glass. RooR Bongs a serious piece of kit and deserve a serious but of protection.

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