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  1. Welcome New Seedbank Pheno Finder Seeds to PureSativa

    We would like to introduce and welcome Pheno Finder Seeds to PureSativa. Born out of Coffeeshop Voyagers in Amsterdam. The team consists of growers and breeders from Holland, Spain and the USA.

    Purchase any Pheno Finder Seeds from and you will recieve 2 Free Seeds of Lemon Bubble (Fem) Super Lemon Haze x Silver Haze.

    We have six strains that we will be releasing from Pheno Finders Seeds which are as follows;

    Grapefruit Diesel
    NYC Diesel x Grapefruit
    Flowering Time: 9 weeks 

    Fromage Blue
    UK Bluez x Blue Cheese
    Flowering Time:  70-85 Days

    Notorious OG
    OG #18 x LA Kandy
    Flowering Time: 9 weeks

    Lemon Bubble
    Super Lemon Haze x Sliver Bubble
    Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

    Grandaddy Confidential
    LA Confidential x Grandaddy Purple
    Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

    Auto Lemon Bubble
    Lemon Bubble x Lowryder #2
    Flowering Time: 60-85

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  2. New Atmos Battery and Cartridges are now available at PureSativa

    Three new products from Atmos have arrived at 

    We are happy to present the i30 Battery that is powered by an impressive 2600 mAh LG Battery as well as two catridges the 510 Bulb which is an ideal alternative for anyone looking to turn their 510 battery into a wax consistency vaporizer. Also we have the S12 Dual Cartridge, the perfect fit for anyone looking to get optimal performance from their vaporizer, the S-12’s advanced airflow system uses a rotating ring to cover and expose airholes, providing more or less airflow. This allows users to customize the S-12 to perfectly fit their needs! 

    Atmos - 510 i30 Battery 2600mAh (Available in Black or Stainless)
    The Atmos i30 is a variable voltage and wattage box mod with up to 30 watts and 8 volts of power. Powered by a 2600 mAh LG Battery.

    Atmos - 510 S12 - Dual Cartridge
    Made to fit your 510 battery, the S-12 is a dual c

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  3. Foil backed Parchment Paper called Slick Wrap by Oil Slick is Now Available

    We are happy to present the best in parchment paper on the market and one that is designed specifically for botanical extracts. Slick Wrap by Oil Slick is a great alternative to Martha Wrap or Reynolds Pan Lining.

    Foil on one side, ultra smooth parchment on the other, Slick Wrap is more non-stick than any brand on the market.

    Unlike many culinary papers Slick Wrap is completely “Quilon Free” and contains no chemicals that could contaminate your extracts.

    50 Foot in length this product is a great investment for all those who are looking into trying out the Rosin Technique which is solventless extraction from your dried herbs which has been gaining a lot of traction in the cannabis community very recently. 

    Now available in the UK.

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    Slick Wrap is a disposable solution for storing and handling sticky botanical extracts
    50 Foot in Length
    Ultra non-stick sil

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  4. Pure Sativa Speak To Media At Product Earth Expo

    The Product Earth Alternative Future Expo was a 2-day hemp trade show held at the Peterborough Arena on 27th and 28th June 2015.

    The show was organised to help raise awareness of the burgeoning hemp industry with UK consumers, as well as to celebrate the UK hemp industry, which has been steadily growing for over 30 years.

    Here at PureSativa, we have been working in this wonderful industry for around 15 years, so we were delighted when we were given the opportunity to be the main sponsors of this inaugural event.

    We made a real effort with our exhibition booth, bringing a huge amount of stock to display including cannabis seeds from all our suppliers, glass bongs and bubblers from our exclusive partners like Roor, Sheldon Black and Amsterdam Glassworx.  We displayed a huge selection of hemp clothing and bags from our Sativa Bags range and our collaborations with Hemp HoodLAMB which were extremely popular with the

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  5. Dab And Go With The All-New DipStick Vaporizer

    The DipStick is a revolutionary new product designed for use with oil, wax, shatter and other sticky concentrates.  The DipStick is manufactured in Texas, USA by Improve – a specialist vaporizer company with a very bright future.

    The DipStick has been created to provide an option for dabbing connoisseurs who are looking for a truly portable device for on-the-go dabbing.

    Technically, the DipStick is not so much a vaporizer as a portable dab pen – this makes it the very first product of its type to reach the market.

    The DipStick has no oven or heating chamber, requires no fiddly loading and unusually for a concentrate vape, creates no mess.  To use it, simply turn the unit on and depress the power button to heat up the tip.  Once ready, the user simply skates the hot vapour tip across the surface of the wax whilst inhaling from the other end.  The hot vapour tip instantly vaporizes your concentrate, giving you a fresh, clean hit every time.  The straight, stainless steel airpath, combined with the food-grade elements in the tip ensures that there is no tainting or nasty metallic tastes.

    Equipped with two rechargeable 3.7 volt batteries and one of the most powerful heating elements currently available, the DipStick vapour tip heats up and glows pretty much instantly – the coil is made from an advanced nickel-plated chrome and is protected by a completely inert, food-grade ceramic guard.  The whole tip is flexible, allowing you to guide the tip into the corners and crevasses of your concentrate jar, so you never miss a dab.

    Underneath the vapour tip lies the DipStick’s easy-access reclaim chamber; any surplus wax or oil gathers in the reclaim chamber and can be easily retrieved for re-vaping.  Cleaning, which is actually needed a lot less regularly than with most other vapes, is a cinch – simply use a q-tip or cotton bud and a dash of rubbing alcohol and your DipStick will be good as new in minutes.<

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