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  1. Rolling Papers- An Evolution

    Rolling Papers- An Evolution

    History of the Rolling Papers


    The original rolling paper is believed to have been created in Spain around 1703 by a company called Pay-Pay. However, even earlier than that, a young man by the Name of Alexandro Rizlette de Cramptone Lacroix stumbled across many disparate varieties of papers carried by French soldiers who had been part of a violent conflict in Spain.

    In 1660, Lacroix produced the first rolling papers & after 76 years of production, the family started their own company and set up their mill. Notoriously, the family supplied Napoleon with smoking papers when he was struggling to stop his military from tearing out paper from expensive books. The name Rizla+ was emblazoned across the packet, and this came from a combination of Alexandro's name Rizlette and from the french word Riz which means rice and reflects the paper's construction.

    Over the subsequent decades, rolling papers continued along their development trajectory as various

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  2. Terpometer- the best dab temp every time!

    Terpometer- the best dab temp every time!

    Welcome to The Terpometer, ensuring you to achieve the best temp to dab with your banger & recreate the experience consistently every single time!

    The Terpometer is the original dabbing thermometer, specifically optimised for dabbing on various surfaces from quartz to titanium to advanced ceramics. After witnessing the rise of widely inaccurate infrared temperature guns that led to countless wasted dabs & terps burnt away, the team developed the concept of The Terpometer.

    The Terpometer means dabbers can abandon timers and guessing games as remnants of the past with its precisely accurate real-time temperature readings on the LCD screen. The temperature readings are displayed as Celcius or Fahrenheit readings, and you can quickly switch between the two by holding down the button for 3 seconds. The LCD readings feature their patented RGB(red, green &

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  3. Paradise Seed's California Collection welcomes you to Paradise

    Paradise Seed's California Collection welcomes you to Paradise

    Origins of Paradise Seeds

    Paradise seeds are true OG's in the weed seed business, as the company was founded back in 1994 to improve the quality of cannabis available in Amsterdam at the time. Back then, most of the material sold in the coffeeshops was poor quality hash from India, Afghanistan or Morocco or unsatisfactory flowers from Malawi, Mexico, Colombia or Thailand. Simultaneously, America was beginning to showcase excellent quality material & starting to make waves across the country, much to the envy of consumers on other continents! Witnessing this progression was the catalyst that hurtled the Paradise team into researching & breeding high-quality genetics; thus, Paradise Seeds helped shaped Dutch cannabis. After building up a legacy for providing some of the best genetics in Europe, their popularity soared when Dutch cannabis became internationally recognised, as international

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  4. Fibonacci Grinders lets you be part of the Grinder Evolution!

    Fibonacci Grinders lets you be part of the Grinder Evolution!

    True revolution with Fibonacci.


    The A1 compact 4-piece grinder, named after the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden ratio, is the perfect name for this as every element of the grinder has been thoughtfully & mathematically designed for optimum functionality.

    The golden ratio, called so as each of the numbers in the series is precisely 1.618 times larger than the proceeding number other than the initial few numbers; thus, the golden ratio embodies the intricate precision design that makes Fibonacci grinders and the A1 Compact grinder the revolution the grinder market needed.

    The grinder was first patented in 1905 in the USA for 'tobacco

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  5. Kush CBD Vape – Disposable CBD Vape Pens With REAL Terpenes!

    Kush CBD Vape – Disposable CBD Vape Pens With REAL Terpenes!

    PureSativa are excited to welcome Kush CBD Vape to the family with their awesome new range of CBD vaporizer pens which are infused with real cannabis terpenes.

    So, what are terpenes and why should you care?
    Terpenes are the organic compounds found in plants that give them their unique flavours and aromas. For example, the terpene known as limonene is found lemons and other citrus fruit as well as in cannabis plants with pronounced lemon flavours such as Super Lemon Haze.
    Not all terpenes are named as literally as limonene; for example the terpene myrcene is responsible for an earthy, herbal flavour found in hops, thyme and bay leaves, as well as in cannabis strains like OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple with strong herbal aromas.

    When you read a seed description on PureSativa for a new strain, you’ll often see me prattling on about “complex terpene profiles” and such like. This is because most modern cannabis is bred and selected to contain a variety of different terpenes that all contribute to the overall profile – the overriding smell and flavour. It’s often extremely hard to describe because it is a mixture of natural terpenes in specific quantities that usually would never combine in nature. Ask yourself – what else smells like Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies or Zkittlez?
    For these reasons, other smoking products and regular e-liquids that are flavoured very rarely manage to capture the exact flavour they’re going for. Hardly surprising because they’re artificial flavours created to mimic natural scents.

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  6. Product Earth 2021!

    Product Earth 2021!

    This year's 'Product Earth' event was bigger and better than ever before! We eagerly anticipated the event after two years since the last 'Product Earth' due to the global pandemic. 

    The Puresativa Team were honoured to be a 'Main Sponsor' at the 'Product Earth' expo. Playing our part in the only cannabis, CBD and hemp event in the UK; that is equal parts business, community and cannabis lifestyle. In the words of a popular cannabis grower cartoon Southpark's Randy, the combination of companies and the public created a harmonious, symbiotic dynamic grounded in 'tegridy'. Product Earth has always had a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. However, after the isolation we experienced during the pandemic, positivity and unity surpassed expectations. The environment nurtured open and honest conversations concerning the future of our industry, making the event a groundbreaking weekend that helped foster growth in the UK canna industries. Furthermore, due to the travel restrictions, most exhibitors and customers were based in the UK, making us feel even more grateful to participate in this unimaginable event.

    Product Earth 2021 kicked off on Friday, which was dedicated as a business-to-business day. After networking online and this almost becoming a new norm, physically seeing our suppliers and retailers and establishing potential new relationships for the first time in a while was a breath of fresh air. Committing a day for B2B helped to facilitate early doors networking. Allowing businesses to have the opportunity for new connections to be made, old relationships to be rekindled, both sparking new ideas for the future. Recognised as a wholesale business, Friday was a fantastic opportunity for our Puresativa team to catch up with our suppliers and retailers to focus on our mission statement to provide the very best products. We believe a 'B2B' day is a key and fundamental aspect of Product Earth as a professional company. It enables exhibitors to fully engage with customers over the weekend, giving our undivided attention; after focusing on our business relationships. This professional yet entertaining scene sets Product Earth apart from other exhibitions, positively challenging stigmas against our industry. The energy created has made us highly thrilled for Product Earth 2022, where hopefully, suppliers and customers from abroad can experience this exhibition with us again. 


    One of the cornerstones of the event were the countless informative and educational seminars and 'Fireside Chats' that were held to notify, inspire and educate the public around a diverse range of topics. For example, Marley One and Silo Wellness at the intimate Afterdark event, 'Fireside Chats', discussed the future of mushrooms by introducing a fascinating perspective to visit the history of indigenous tribes and learn how we can incorporate specific actions into today's practice and beyond. In addition, the selection of seminars included

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