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  1. Bubble Bags by Bubble Man – Extraction Made Easy

    Bubble Bags by Bubble Man – Extraction Made Easy

    Bubble Bags from Bubble Man and Fresh Headies are the original and best extraction bags for making your own herbal and essential oil extract at home.

    These professional standard bags are made from the toughest 800 thread count nylon and are triple-stitched by hand with bonded nylon thread for the ultimate in durability. The mesh screens are made from German monofilament and are heat stamped to ensure a consistent micron size that retains it's shape after hundreds of uses. In short, Bubble Bags by Bubble Man will last you for years and produce reliable, premium quality extracts every time.

    Bubble Bags require no solvents, no heat and no pressure to produce high quality botanical extracts. This makes them safer and more economical than solvent based extraction systems which require butane or CO2 to achieve results. Naturally, these solvents then need to be purged from your extract which adds another unnecessary step to the process. Instead, Bubble Bags use the simple cold water extraction method to strip plant matter of crystals, trichomes and resin to produce a potent botanical extract that retains the aromas and flavours of the plant with zero contaminants and no need to purge – just dry on a blotting sheet and you’re ready to go.

    The Bubble Bag kits are available in either 1 gallon or 5 gallon capacities to suit smaller or larger operations, and different kits have different micron sizes of catcher bags. For example; the original 8-bag kit includes a work bag (220 micron), a clean-up bag (190 micron) 2 x contaminant removal bags (160 and 120 micron) and 4 collection bags (90, 73, 45 and 25 micron). This means that you will collect resin in four different bags during the extraction process – each bag will produce a different grade of extract with 73 micron usually delivering the best quality. Additionally, you’ll get a large storage pouch and a couple of blot

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  2. GG Strains Cannabis Seeds – Stick With The Original Glue

    GG Strains Cannabis Seeds – Stick With The Original Glue

    GG Strains cannabis seeds are amongst the most sought after seeds in the world at the moment. Their famous, flagship strain, GG4 (formerly known as Gorilla Glue 4) is now known as Original Glue and like most retailers – we’re struggling to keep it in stock.
    The GG Strains Original Glue cannabis seeds sold out on PureSativa in just FOUR hours when we last had her in stock – the last time anything like that happened here was when our customers went crazy for Dark Horse Genetics’ Bruce Banner and I’m sure we can all agree that that was a very special strain indeed.

    So, what’s so special about The Original Glue, and where did GG Strains come by the genetics?

    Originally released as Gorilla Glue 4, The Original Glue was the first strain released by GG Strains back in 2014. It is derived from a cross of three other elite strains: Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. The genetics here are no joke – all three parent strains are powerhouses in their own right and the resultant hybrid is a very heavy-hitting strain that many experienced growers operating in legal environments have nurtured to 30%+ THC levels.

    The breeding and selection are so good here that this strain is always stable, vigorous and prolific – the over-the-top resin production coats the dense, chunky buds in a thick blanket of trichomes. Flavours and aromas are also very pronounced; expect sour, pungent smells with smooth earthy undertones. The effects are as you’d expect from a premium quality strain like this – euphoria and happy relaxation that then gives way to the couchlock that gives this strain its name – you are “glued” to the couch in your happy

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  3. Light Vaporizer Pen Kit by Dr. Dabber

    Light Vaporizer Pen Kit by Dr. Dabber

    The Light Vaporizer Pen by Dr. Dabber  is a concentrate vape pen kit designed for stealth, discretion and vaping on the go.
    The Dr. Dabber Light is the smallest, most compact vaporizer in the Dr. Dabber range, yet it is still equipped with the same top quality components as its larger, more expensive siblings.

    Dr. Dabber burst onto the scene some years ago with their pioneering Ghost vaporizer pen. At the time, the Ghost was a game-changer – titanium heating coils, ceramic chambers, rapid charging and cleaning made the Ghost an instant hit and a cult classic.
    The new Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Pen packs all the same technology in a slimmer, lighter design and comes with a load of extra spares including two spare atomizers, one extra mouthpiece, a shatterproof storage ball for storing your sticky, a handy loading tool and a wireless USB charger.

    Specially designed for use with wax extracts and sticky concentrates, the Light utilizes a direct draw system with low heat to give the very best flavours and vapour temperature. The pen is operated with a single button – click 5 times for on, 5 times for off and hold the button down as you inhale to power the vape. The Dr. Dabber Light has an automatic shut off after 10 seconds to conserve power and avoid overheating

    The slimline profile of the Dr. Dabber Light Vape Pen makes the pen ideal for use when out and about in public. It weighs just a little over 180 grams, so it is very easy to slip into a pocket or purse. The pen is virtually indistinguishable from a regular e-cig, so stealthy vaping is easily done and nobody is any the wiser.

    Check out the range of awesome Dr. Dabber accessories to complement your new Light pen – we have silicone dabbing mats, spare atomizers, carry cases and much more.

    The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Pen is available right

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  4. Compound Genetics Cannabis Seeds – We Serve The Plant

    Compound Genetics Cannabis Seeds – We Serve The Plant

    Compound Genetics cannabis seeds were founded in 2016 in the western US city of Portland. Their founders are a group of friends who were united by their love of elite quality cannabis and their desire to preserve rare and unusual cannabis genetics.

    Compound Genetics cannabis seeds company came into being around the time of cannabis legalisation in the US state of Oregon. Indeed, many new seed companies sprang up in the newly legal states between 2012-2017. As the residents of Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska rejoiced in their new found freedoms, a ravenous market emerged for high quality, locally sourced marijuana seeds.
    Somewhat bizarrely, due to the complexity of state and federal laws in the USA, cannabis seeds cannot legally be transported across state lines, irrespective of whether marijuana use and sale is legal in that state. So naturally, when Oregon went legal, the state’s newly unshackled residents needed supplying with top notch weed seeds in order to keep up supplies in their shiny new medical and recreational dispensaries. Compound Genetics was born from this need and they more than stepped up to the plate:

    The team behind Compound Genetics had been breeding, selecting and collecting superior cannabis genetics in readiness to serve their communities with these elite seeds as soon as they got the green light. Exotic new strains like Ice Cream Man, Smiley Face and Flavor Crystals began to appear in Oregon dispensaries to critical acclaim and in no time at all the buzz started to spread further afield. Compound Genetics received an Honourable Mention in the Oregon Growers Cup 2017 for their flagship strain, Jet Fuel Gelato, and yet more connoisseurs began looking for their seeds and genetics.

    Late 2017 saw the eagerly anticipated release of their Legend Apricot Series – a range of cannabis seeds that changed what discerning breeders expected in terms of terpene profile and raised the bar for all of Compound Genetics’ competitors. This landmark release moved this artisan seed company into the very top bracket of US breeders.

    It’s fair to say that Compound Genetics have not looked back since that seminal moment. Their seeds are in high demand all over the world, and frequently sell out in quick time. True to its roots, the company continues to focus on pioneering new strains with exceptional flavours and aromas and the latest new collection is no exception:

    Based around their powerhouse strain, The Menthol, (Gelato 45 x (White Diesel x (High Octane x Jet Fuel G6) the new Menthol Line features an array of rare and unusual crosses and hybrids with a phenomenal pedigree.
    The Menthol is present in every strain in the menthol line, but the variety within those parameters is astonishing. Mafia Funeral utilizes their Garlic Grove strain for a truly unique terpene profile, while Khalifa Mints brings a mindblowing potency to the table with its OG Kush origins. There really is something for everyone with Compound Genetics, which is perhaps a secret to their meteoric success. 

    Here at PureSativa Compound Genetics cannabis seeds are available in packs of feminised or regular pips with our usual FREE UK delivery on retail orders of £40 or more. Order today and preserve a little piece of US breeding history for yourself.

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  5. Rare Dankness - Top Rank Dank Exclusive Seeds

    Rare Dankness - Top Rank Dank Exclusive Seeds

    Colorado-based cannabis seed company, Rare Dankness celebrate their 10 year anniversary this year – and what a decade it has been for owner Scott and his team.
    The company has won numerous industry awards for the quality of their genetics – Starkiller and Moonshine Haze brought Rare Dankness early success, while later awards for Jenny’s Kush were a fitting tribute for the eponymous named strain.

    Right from their inception in 2010, Rare Dankness have strived to bring the world’s finest cannabis genetics to the medical and recreational markets. By sharing and exchanging genetics with their industry friends around the world, Rare Dankness have created a seed catalogue that comprises crosses and hybrids featuring rare and exo

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  6. Terrific Prolific – Free Seed Deals From Prolific Coast Seeds

    Terrific Prolific – Free Seed Deals From Prolific Coast Seeds

    From Los Angeles, California, PureSativa are proud to bring you this elite range of cannabis seeds from Koma The Grower and his wonderfully named Prolific Coast Seeds.
    Koma himself may be a controversial character, but there is absolutely no doubting the quality of these genetics.

    Dominated by powerful fuel flavours, these 4 special strains are all big yielding varieties that are perfect for extraction artists.

    While stocks last, we are giving away 4 FREE SEEDS of Ksmorz with any purchase of a pack of Prolific Coast Seeds. Ksmorz is a wonderfully bred hybrid of Zookies x PCS1 (Gorilla Glue #4 x Animal Cookies S1).

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