Dry Sift Wizard extraction screens are the all new, must have kits for lightning fast home production of the finest quality dry sift.

The Dry Sift Wizard was first conceived by its creator back in 2003 and has been painstakingly developed and honed to perfection ever since.  Through trial and error and countless experiments, Dry Sift Wizard kits were gradually improved to the polished, finished article they are today – easily the best home dry sift kits we have ever seen

Made in the USA, the frames of the screens are made from Grade A poplar timber for strength and flexibility.  Each screen measures 20” x 24” (medium size) or 14” x 16” (small size) which is more than large enough to accommodate bumper amounts of plant matter for extraction.

The mesh sifter screens are made exclusively for Dry Sift Wizard to a very precise lines-per-inch (LPI) measurement from Italian monofilament polyester.  Translated into micron sizes, the screens are (approx) 210u micron, 180u micron and 70u micron respectively.  This combination of gradually finer sifts yields top quality dry sift in a matter of seconds with no need for carding, refining or the use of any additional medium like ice or butane.


Each Dry Sift Wizard extraction kit comes complete with a selection of extras: non-stick storage containers, card scrapers and a spray bottle of Brillianize: an anti-static cleaning solution which repels dust and other airborne detritus as well as being resistant to fingerprints.  Also available is a high-powered USB microscopewith 200x zoom for examining your sift up close - you'll be truly amazed by the results!

Dry Sift Wizard extraction screen kits are available now from Pure Sativa – the official UK distributors.  For wholesale enquiries, please click the wholesale tab on our homepage to register your headshop; you’ll then be able to view the site at wholesale prices.  We’ll also keep you updated with new products and great value cannabis seed offers by direct e-mail.

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