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  1. iDab Glass – Artisan Handmade American Dab Rigs

    iDab Glass – Artisan Handmade American Dab Rigs

    iDab Glass are a small team of talented lampworkers operating out of Southern California, USA.

    From their humble beginnings in Orange County in 2012, iDab have evolved into a respected, artisan glass company with pioneering designs that elevate the dabbing experience to the next level.

    Perhaps the cornerstone of iDab’s success is their insistence on using Schott-Duran Borosilicate Glass to make all their rigs. This German glass is used by makers of the world’s leading smoking pipes and bongs (RooR et al) because it has so many characteristics that are well-suited to making glass pipes.
    Firstly, Schott borosilicate glass is incredibly durable. Your new iDab rig will not easily crack or break like cheaper pieces will if made from ‘soft glass’. Schott glass is scratch-resistant, resistant to solvents and chemicals for easy cleaning and has superb thermal shock resistance which obviously helps when you’re repeatedly heating a piece with a lighter or torch.
    All this toughness, yet the glass has a stunning optical clarity that really makes colors pop and complex technical glass work such as dichroic strips really sh

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  2. PureSativa Launch More Freebies For Retail Orders

    PureSativa Launch More Freebies For Retail Orders

    Team PureSativa are always looking for new ways to give back to our amazing loyal retail customers. From our permanent offer of FREE UK SHIPPING on all retail orders over £40, to BOGOF cannabis seeds deals, we like to look after our regulars whenever we can.

    We know that you could buy your cannabis seeds from any number of online retailers, and we’re genuinely grateful that you continue to choose PureSativa. That’s why we’re launching a brand new selection of freebies and goodies to reward our retail customers.

    As usual, all retail orders with a basket value of £40 or over will qualify for free UK shipping with DPD. This service includes notification of despatch and a t

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  3. The Smoker’s Club: PureSativa Joins The Club

    The Smoker’s Club: PureSativa Joins The Club

    The Smoker’s Club are an exclusive clothing company, famous for producing iconic counter-culture designs and sub-brands such as Purp Invaders and Jobstopper. Founded by Jonny Shipes and Smoke DZA in 2010, The Smoker’s Club recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary by launching a range of clothing produced in collaboration with Cookies.
    Now fully diversified into music events, tours and festivals, The Smoker’s Club produce merchandise, accessories and clothing with stunning lifestyle branding.

    PureSativa are thrilled to bring this cool collection of Smoker’s Club clothing and merchandise to our shelves and we really hope you guys enjoy it too. Our other recent new American clothing launches were hugely successful – Runtz clothing, Alien Labs clothing and the range of tees from Lemon Life SC were really popular, so be sure to snap the Smoker’s Club apparel up quickly to avoid disappointment.

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