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  1. Army Uniform - DNA Genetics Clothing New For 2015

    The meteoric rise of Amsterdam-based seed company, DNA Genetics, seemingly knows no bounds.

    DNA Genetics

    Even by their own high standards 2014 was a great year for DNA and their ever-expanding army of devoted followers.  In association with Pure Sativa, 2014 saw DNA launch PureDNA; a new distribution company based in Chile.  Their superstar sativa, Tangie, won pretty much every competition it was entered in, amassing a huge haul of ‘best strain’ and ‘best sativa’ trophies.  Their best buddy, Crockett, clinched a High Times Cannabis Cup for his own cut of Tangie.  They launched a new range of soil and coco in association with Mills Nutrients; DNA Mills soil or coco mix with cork which is already revolutionising the growing medium market.  They hooked up with another elite seed company, Rare Dankness, to work on a new super strain which is due for release very soon (more details on that in coming weeks).  Hardly surprising then, that DNA have decided to update their merchandise catalogue with a new, improved range of clothing for 2015:

    DNA’s super strain, Tangie is a truly incredible genetic creation.  The frankly unbelievable combination of flavour and aromas has seen this strain brush aside all competition in countless industry competitions.  Tangie managed to finish 1st and 2ndin the Best Sativa’ category at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam back in November 2014 – an unprecedented achievement.  In the coffeeshops of Amsterdam during Cannabis Cup week, Tangie was the order of the day.  Now you can represent what is arguably the most popular strain of this decade with this all-new Tangie Juice T-Shirt from DNA Genetics’ new clothing collection.  The stylish tee features a screen printed graphic in tribute to Tangie, complete with the DNA Genetics logo and a ‘World Champion’ rosette.

    Or how about rocking some DNA headwear?  This awesome looking snapback cap bears the legend ‘KOSHER’ prominently on the front, in reference to Kosher Kush and Kosher Tangie – two of DNA Genetics most celebrated strains.  The hat features a flat b

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  2. DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada launch new cannabis seed varieties

    DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada  launch new cannabis seed varieties

    Its been busy week here at the PureSativa HQ with 2 seedbanks all offering new seeds and some old seed coming back into stock and so without further delay lets get down to business

    So back in stock

    LA Woman feminized Cannabis Seeds which were out of stock for over a year! together with Lemon OG a marijuana strain which is making a welcome return to the stocking shelf.

    The lads at DNA have also produced Auto Lemon Skunk  of which they say

    Over the past 3 years

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  3. DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds - High Times Cannabis Cup Winners 2010

    This year we won 5 prizes at the Cannabis Cup as well as the 1st place at the Legends of Hash dinner, It was a crazy end of a wild year for DNA.

    • 1st place Indica KOSHOR KUSH
    • 2nd place Sativa CHOCOLOPE
    • 3rd place Hash  BLACKBERRY KUSH
    • 2nd place Hash SOUR DIESEL
    • 3rd place Coffeeshop  LA CHEESE

    Some background on the winners:  

    We started this year with 4 wins at the Spannabis champions Cup in February, 2nd Indoor for OG Kush, 3rd Outdoor for Recon, and  2nd and 3rd for Hash Blackberry Kush and Velvet OG. This was DNAs first time entering the Hash catagory and with a second and third they were only hopping the Cannabis Cup in November would have a Hash catagory as well... (there had been talk of a Hash cup for the seed companys for a few years now...?) . The verdict was in and we had a HASH catagory for Seed Companys for the first time!! This year was the year and DNA brought out the big Guns taking second and third in the seed company Hash cup the first year it was opened to seed companys. As well as taking First place at the Legends Dinner for the Sleestack Dry sift that was made completely by a friend of ours grown and then processed to the finest white powder that is full melt and smoother then ANY bubble hash ... Essentially it is Keif but processed down to its purest form.. The flavor and room smell is second to non, old timmers as well as beginners go crazy for the dry sift and the best part is how easy it is to harvest the crystals from the Sleestack.
    If you ever watched the land of the lost program back in the early 80s Sleestacks were the guardian of the crystals!!! What a perfect name for the crystal producer... SLEESTACK (available now in regular and female).
    Placing 2nd and 3rd for Hash was special for DNA and family because we have refined our Hash making! We are getting the fullest flavor as well as

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