Bad Wolf Titanium Nails have landed here at and we are pleased to announce that we have the Distribution for Bad Wolf products within the UK.

Every piece is manufactured to the highest possible standard and designed by dabbers for dabbers. Bad Wolf use only premium grade titanium that is totally inert at the temperatures needed for oil extractions to vaporise.  The selection of tools comes in a pack of three so you are never without the correct tool for the job! You are sure to need titanium nails too and Bad Wolf have a range of fully adjustable Titanium nails and a domeless nail.

The domeless nail is a perfect piece of engineering, designed to fit any 14.5mm and 10mm joint the domeless nail just sits a top your male joint. It doesn’t need a dome as the top is designed with a Kings Moat surrounding a stack. You cannot fail to be impressed with this innovation from the Bad Wolf Company. The adjustable nails come in two sizes a dual adjustable Ti nail which will fit 14.5 and 18.8 joint sizes and a plain vanilla 14.5 titanium nail. Both designs are fully adjustable enabling you to custom fit your nail to your oil dome and oil rig set up. This makes them fully transportable across your different glassware ensuring maximum value for money.

We are off to the High Times Cup in Amsterdam…we will report back with all the winners soon.

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