Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds and Marijuana Strains

Some types of Cannabis have been developed to be auto flowering, these strains of marijuana are not dependent on the light cycle at all and will flower no matter how much daylight or lack of it they get. This auto-flowering is actually quite a freak of nature and one that is not that common. The plant does not rely on the seasons to produce its flowers or to get pollinated which of course is ideal for medicinal marijuana growers around the world.

If you get a cannabis plant that will flower and will not be pollinated what you end up with is of course pure sensimelia, "without seeds", this forces the plant to produce more resins which in turn produces more THC amongst other ingredients. It is this sensimelia that is most sought after by medicinal marijuana growers as this produces better medical properties. When a cannabis plant puts its energy into seed production it no longer expends energy on resin production.

Of course there is a slight setback to this and that is in the THC levels themselves because an auto flowering marijuana plant will start flowering within in some cases a week or two the plant will be mature in 45-50 days this means that THC levels are reduced. Also the pedigree of these autoflowering "freaks" are from very rustic cannabis strains, natural cannabis strains if you like. Naturally THC levels in plants are not as high as some of the cannabis cup winners for instance were breeding has increased the plants natural THC levels.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds are here to stay have no doubt, paradise are bringing out Pandora and Vertigo true hybrids that combine the ease of the autoflowerer with the complexity of a F1 cannabis or pot plant.

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