1. Super Strains all new feminized cannabis seeds bank

    Super Strains is an all new seedbank determined to bring some of the best cannabis genetics to the collectors market place.

    I know we hear this all the time but this seedbank is focused on strains that have in contributed massively to modern genetics, sometimes losing their own identity in the process. These founding strains are often crossed to produce the hybrids you get today. The first strain they are bringing to market is the world famous and ultra strong Original Amnesia Female Cannabis Seeds.

    Original Amnesia is from the original amnesia breeder who has feminized this world famous strain which is well renowned for the famous amnesia haze cross and other crosses. Ultra potent this strain has been known to cause blackouts if taken to excess!

    These all female cannabis seeds are sure to be a big hit

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  2. Sour Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Reserva Privada

    Just as the dust has settled Reserva Privada bring in the Sour, or to be precise the Sour Diesel!

    The guys have been working around the clock to bring you one of their infamous strains in the female form and they have no suceeded. It is hard to ensure that seeds are feminized and in order to do that they have to go through a lot fo testing. Well that testing is now over and Reserva Privada are please to announce the launch of Sour Diesel Female Cannabis Seeds.

    As we know Reserva Privada is the seed strain for true connoisseurs, those wanting somethign a little bit special to add to their souvenier collections. Somethign truly amazing and also limited in numbers with a pedigree most would be envious of, the lads at Reserva Privada Seedbank say it a lot better than I ever could :

    The Feminized Sour Diesel

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