female cannabis seeds

  1. Martian Mean Green Female Cannabis Seeds are BACK IN STOCK

    After what can only be described as a stunningly long wait DNA Genetics have FINALLY re-released their historic and infamous Martian Mean Green Strain in Feminized form! These female cannabis seeds have been awaited eagerly by seed collectors around the world and we simply don't know how long stock will last. This was the 2005 Cannabis Cup Winner for Best Sativa this plant was developed from some of the original G13 Haze variety which was going around holland almost a decade ago.

    This female cannabis strain has won fans around the globe due to its special heritage, being feminized has now made it easier for this plant to be saved for posterity. I trust you will join us all here at Puresativa.com and wish Martian Mean Green female cannabis seeds a very happy return to our fold of premium genetics, and like us we hope it stays this time.

    To be sure of your chance to get hold of these ultra rare genetics may we suggest you

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  2. Auto Flowering Female Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seedbank have now arrived at PureSativa.com

    Auto Flowering Female Cannabis Seeds by Paradise Seedbank

    A new year and so a new start at Puresativa.com with some exciting fresh new strains from Paradise Seedbank. They have launched a range of auto-flowering female cannabis seeds to compliment their already large stable of feminized marijuana strains.  They have also got a shiny new logo for 2011.

    So I have already covered the benefits of auto-flowering cannabis varieties, with my earlier article. So I thought I would just let you know the new varities....

    Automaria II Auto Flowering Female Seeds

    Paradise Seeds selected the most resinous plant Automaria to use as a father plant, crossed this with a very famous Sativa variety to breed a new generation.  It is this careful cross breeding which set Paradise Seedbank apart from their contemporaries. These auto flowering feminized marijuana seeds come in packs of 5 or 10 seeds.

    Pandora Auto Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    They have also launched Pandora - you are not in Kansas anymore with this auto flowering weed strain a real Indica variety along the lines of Afghani, Spoetnik and Sensi Star. You can get these in packs of 5 or 10 seeds.

    The last new Auto Flowering strain is called Vertigo this strain is one of Paradise Seeds latest varieties. It originates from a fine Indica/ Sativa hybrid, which is chosen for its splendid characteristics, its fruity intense flavor, and fast to finish growth.  3 generations of breeding resulted in stable uniform plants. The flowers are coated in resin and as potent as auto flowering strains can get available in packs of 5 or 10 seeds.

    We have also took this opportunity to add some new female cannabis seeds too, we have

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