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  1. Hanf Nature Organic Range of Hemp Foods

    Hanf Nature Organic Range of Hemp Foods

    We are pleased to launch our range of Hanf Nature Organic Hemp Foods. Direct from Germany these certified organic hemp foods are not only tasty and nutritious but they also are a source of Omega 3 and other essential oils.

    Hemp is a modern and healthy additive to almost all types of food, bakery products and pastas. Edible hemp satisfies adequate nutrition with high quality ingredients.

    Hemp seed (peeled or unpeeled) provides:

    • all the vitally necessary amino acids (essential and non-essential)

    • in seed oil 75 - 95% unsaturated fatty acids in the right proportion for human nutrition

    • 2-4% gamma-linolenic acid for sound condition of blood

    • the most mineral nutrients (calcium, potassium, phoshorus, iron and many others)

    • dietary fibres, which are good for digestion

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  2. Holy Smoke Cannabis Seeds launch 3 new African strains

    Holy Smoke Cannabis Seeds present: 3 soaring psychoactive Sativas from the heart of Africa !!

    In this ever changing enviroment its essential to house and maintain our irreplaceable landrace Sativa strains , with up to 20% THC these have a soaring high and huge potential along with being exceptionally pure and strong these are actually very rare genetics and have been maintained as such by one of Africas best breeders for 20 some years and as far as we know can only be obtained through this source .As a medicine these oils are sent Worldwide to treat a vast number of ailments and are highly recognised for their healing potential . Maintaining plant genetics has been the number one goal here and were honoured to offer some these rare but powerful healing gems to the European market so everyone can now benefit..

    Malawi Gold Cannabis Seeds

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  3. sativa bags launch blue steel and plum colour range

    Here at Pure Sativa we don't like resting on our laurels. We have launched an exciting and vibrant addition to our Sativa Bag Ranges by increasing the colour selection of our bags by two! Introducing our new Blue Steel and Plum colours which are sure to be a hit coming into the autumn.

    The lovely cool blue of Blue Steel really compliments our range of bags. Offering a smart crisp colour choice to our buyers, whilst the deep pigment of our Plum colour really brings a warmth and depth to our bags. Both colours are available over a vast array of our Sativa Bag range and are clearly marked at the bottom of each page.

    You will see new photographs going online in the next few days, but in the meantime each bag that has the new colour in its range will show a swatch of the blue steel and plum fabric.

    We hope you will

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