Grandaddy Purple makes a BIG impression at Connoisseur Genetics

Grandaddy Purple has arrived at Connoisseur Genetics with its bright and colourful flowers and fruity aromas this legend of a plant has been crossed with an even bigger legend the ChemDog D famous for its potency and stench. Combining the two into one super original Grand Doggy Purps feminized seeds has been a real breakthrough for the guys at Connoisseur Genetics.

Not content with this they have also released a series of strains incorporating this purple cannabis strain with others from their stable of fine genetics. They have also back bred some of the strains to allow you to own the pure genetic material of some of the biggest legends in cannabis breeding circles.

You can now own the Grandaddy Purple strain used in all the new purple varieties used by Connoisseur Genetics.

"The purple, fruity skunk goodness of the GDP is hit with Grandaddy Purple pollen to you bring you pure Grandaddy Purple. This strain will amaze with its funky tropical flavours, vibrant colours and delightful stone that never fails to raise a smile. A quick flowering time and exceptional bag appeal make this ideal for the cash cropper and the connoisseur. Perfect for SOG."

The following new strains have also been added to their stable of female cannabis seeds

Rainbow Jones Seeds

Purple Cheddar Seeds

Purple Cheech Seeds

Connoisseur Genetics are at the forefront of genetic research pushing the boundaries by sticking to simple breeding criteria. If it's the best of the best then breed from it, if it's not then simply ignore it, the quality shows

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