Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seed Bank is currently becoming one of the most sort after seed banks here in the UK, with their impressive collection of cups that they have accumulated over the years from some of the most prestigious Cannabis Competitions from all around the world such as:

  • 2013 LA High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 3rd Place for their strain Grimace OG
  • 2013 LA High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 1st Place for their strain Lemon Amnesia
  • 2013 Denvor High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 2nd Place for their strain Lemon Amnesia
  • 2013 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 3rd Place for their strain Bomb Threat
  • 2014 San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup taking home 1st Place for their Hell Raiser
  • 710 Cup Sativa Shatter taking home 1st Place for their Lemon Amnesia
  • Chalice Festival taking home 1st Place for Flowers – Do Si Dos
  • San Francisco Patient’s Choice Cup 2nd Place – Do Si Dos

Here at PureSativa we only take on the best seedbanks from within our industry, and with the amount of buzz surrounding Archive Seed bank, as well as the number of awards that they were winning at every cup we knew we had stumbled across something very special and we had to find out more.

After some research we found out some rather informative information, including where Archive Seed Bank came from and how they got started, which you can read about it over on their website or we have a more condensed overview below.

Archive Seed Bank got started way back in 2002, studying in Washington where he started to meet like-minded people (kind of), Actually the people he was being introduced to where actually some of today's more talented and well-known glass blowers.

Now from what I have read these glass blowers had some amazing stuff to put in there glass once they had finished creating their masterpieces, Archive after sampling some of the more popular strains such as Albert Walker, Pacific Northwest Dogshit and Williams Wonder grew more and more intrigued, not in the glass blowing it’s self but was growing more and more interested in the weed (At this point he didn’t know he had green fingers).

Anyhow not long after a close friend of his decided to start a grow in his basement, the only problem was the damn thing needed digging out. I’m sure you can guess by now who got roped in to helping. Yep, Archive.

After digging out the basement (which sounds like way to much work right now) they created his friends first 2000-watt room which they both grew from for the next year.

They concreted the floors and walls (I wondered if they waterproofed it?) and hacked in the hot tub power supply that was in the room above (not the best idea in the world).

Hey presto, Archives fist Grow.

From here on Archive set up his own place with around 60 strains and interesting enough still has around 60 strains today include some of his more popular cannabis seeds strains such as:

  • White Gold Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Royal Oak Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Dosi Tree Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Cake Face Regular Cannabis Seeds

From the Regular range and

  • Dosi Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Space Walker Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Rainbow Wreck Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • PetroChem Feminized Cannabis Seeds

From the Feminized Cannabis Seeds range.

Well that’s all from us here at PureSativa but for more information on Archive Seed Bank please their blog where you will find a more in-depth article.