As a ‘Main Sponsor’ of the Product Earth Expo 2019, we were excited to be a part of the only hemp, canna and cbd event in the UK able to find the perfect balance between a business and social environment. The public and companies who attended Product Earth, simultaneously contributed to creating a happy medium between a friendly, educational, entertaining and professional atmosphere. We felt that this has given Product Earth the ability to help the industry be reflected in a positive light and grow through networking with companies from the UK and worldwide. This idea of ‘growing through networking’ was executed on the first day of the event launch with the ‘B2B’ day. This provided businesses with an opportunity to introduce themselves to one another if they hadn’t had the chance to do so in the past and in many circumstances talk about future business with each other.

As a wholesale company this was an excellent time to focus on meeting with retail shops and suppliers who we were excited to work with such as the well-admired Emerald Mountain seed bank and discuss working alongside one another. B2B granted both retail and wholesale companies with the freedom to stifle up new business.  Product Earth 2019 united with the British Hemp Association to revolutionise the typical UK expo into an excellent opportunity to be educated by and educate those in industries associated with the plants. Having this coalition with the British Hemp Association provided a strong line of well-established exhibitors and groundbreaking leaders, dedicated to spreading awareness of the advantages of this plant through the hemp, canna, cbd and related industries.  

Situated opposite The Emerald Cup, we had the chance to catch up with some of our friends such as Taylor Blake and Frenchy Cannoli, as well as meet some of the Emerald Cup educators. The infamous Emerald Cup from Northern California is the most reputable and respected cannabis competition worldwide. The Emerald Cup was responsible for contributing invaluable and extensive knowledge to the public at Product Earth 2019 by many of their educators and skilled experts through seminars. Speakers included  Maya Elisabeth whose company Om is responsible for creating some of the most beautiful cannabis infused bath salts and Swami Chaitanya. As a collective, the Emerald Cup provided the finest speakers to explain and clarify the advantages of cannabis in the Californian market through farming and health products. They were able to relate years of experience with their knowledge to provide the public with the insight of the importance of this plant. 

Through talks and seminars directed by Product Earth alongside the Hemp British Association allowed for every aspect of the plant to be vigorously discussed. This was particularly the case when about topical subjects such as medicinal, agricultural and  industrial properties, consumption through foods and laws and legislation which is fundamental to cover in the UK. These seminars were an excellent opportunity to stimulate young minds interested in or starting out in the industry, as well as granting the experienced with a further understanding. Product Earth 2019 had some of the most intelligent canna, hemp and related leaders present at this event, providing a priceless experience for the future and current generations in our industry. The Plug Seedbank, Pheno finders, Pot valley, Connoisseur Genetics and True canna were all of our cannabis seed bank suppliers and Boveda our supplier behind the well-known humidity packs, who were all exhibitors at Product Earth 2019. This was an excellent and convenient opportunity for the public to meet some of the faces behind some of the most notorious and fire cannabis strains on the market. We have always prided ourselves on having extremely close relationships and long-lasting friendships with our brand partners. So, having some of them present was extremely important for us, especially for our customers and future customers to gain in-depth information about the company brands, backgrounds and products. This was also a rare opportunity in the UK for these cannabis seed banks to proudly represent themselves and meet the public who are contributors to their success.  On the Puresativa booth we had representatives from Reverly, Two lions, The Neutralizer, Kenex scales and PuffCo supporting the expo and showcasing their brands’ products with confidence.

The rest of the cannabis seed banks, smoking accessories and merchandise brands that we distribute were represented by our team at Puresativa, as well as our in-house brand, Sativa Bags. In future Product Earth Expo’s we aim to have more of our cannabis seed suppliers from the US, Netherlands and Spain, as well as other smoking accessories suppliers on our stand. We want to provide the public with the connection between themselves and our suppliers, so they can fully appreciate and understand the products they are about to invest into. A new addition to the limited range of cannabis seed banks that we represent is the multi-award winning Lady Sativa Genetics. At Product Earth 2019 we launched a collection of their feminised seeds with the support of breeder and founder Jah Hoover at the show. This drop was the first of many strains to come exclusively to Puresativa from L.S.G. We also launched the Two Lions organic CBD face cream and CBD moisturiser oil, after previously having exceptional reviews from their CBD oil that we have been distributing. With Two Lions there themselves on our stand they were able to explain the endless benefits to customers interested in their new products. Having these exclusive drops at the show allowed customers at the Product Earth Expo 2019 to be the first to get their hands on these products before the official online and in-store launch at Puresativa. 

Product Earth 2019 also provided fantastic entertainment such as an exhibition hall dedicated to live- glass blowing throughout the weekend and a glass-blowing competition. This exhibition hall showcased the most incredible talent with final pieces also beautifully displayed in the hall. This area was bursting with the most innovative, creative and individual designs, gained through hard work and some of the rarest artistic genius in Europe.  Product Earth committed themselves to directing a fantastic lineup at the festival over the weekend of DJ’s, bands and artists such as Kabaka Pyramid who combines reggae and hip-hop to create a unique energy through his music. Product Earth successfully conducted an event which captured our community-orientated industry with spot-on entertainment to produce the perfect atmosphere for the public and companies to relax and enjoy. Product Earth was located at the National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre in Warwickshire and will continue to be at this brilliant location for following years. This event was a promising and rewarding start to this yearly event by Product Earth. Product Earth successfully provided an incredible group of companies and educators who discussed endless benefits of hemp,CBD and related industries. They also delivered the perfect way to socialise with those interested in helping the industry to flourish with the festival.