Cannarado Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Cannarado Genetics - The Brand

From medical to recreational cannabis, Cannarado Genetics Cannabis Seeds is a brand that has a lot to offer. Their foundations began just over two decades ago after a friend returned from Amsterdam with some seeds. From this moment, Cannarado Genetics made their first-ever cross known as the Pot of Gold x Shiva Shanti. This was where they began their journey.

Based in Colorado, they have pushed boundaries, experimented and tried many different things. Their experience resulted in them creating one of the most unique strains in the world. 

The brand is well-known and they are now considered one of the most reputable breeders in the industry. The brand underpins the cannabis seeds that they offer and the demand for them has increased at an impressive rate. However, despite their humble beginnings in 1998, it wasn’t until 2009 that the brand truly sparked into life. 

This was the moment where they realised that they could breed and sell while offering some of the best cannabis out there. 


Where are they from?

Cannarado Genetics has taken advantage of its prime location in Colorado. Here they have had the chance to utilise the wonderful Colorado cannabis strains available to them. They have worked to clone the most elite forms of cannabis from around the world, using this as their base to then create cannabis seeds that really set the world alight. 


What they do

They are passionate about what the do and this can be seen in the cannabis that they produce. Through decades of experimentation as well as active breeding they have worked their way into an industry whereby they now lead from the front. The aim is to continue to deliver cannabis seeds that really does set them apart. 

Their main focus is on feminized seeds although they have worked with regular crosses, proving that they are versatile and willing to diversify. Through their love of breeding, their aim is to pass a small part of that onto people, so they too can find something that allows them to appreciate it in the same way. 


What seeds do they offer?

As expected Cannarado Genetics offers a huge selection of feminized and regular seeds. This ensures that they offer something for all.

Available are the likes of the Sundae Driver which was voted one of the best strains of 2018 by High Times Magazine. The Lemon Crosses which includes the likes of the Black Lemon Cake and the Dirty Lemon. They also offer Birthday Cake Crosses, Grape Pie regular cross and Grape Pie Feminized crosses. 

It is clear to see that Cannarado is doing all it can to continue to provide some of the best cannabis seeds that the cannabis world has to offer.


As an official UK & EU Distributor of Cannarado Genetics seeds, we offer our customers the widest choice of Cannarado Genetics seeds. We provide customers with the opportunity to explore some of the most unique strains and find exactly what they are looking for.