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Who and what is DabX?

DabX is the revolutionary new dabbing brand at the forefront of cutting-edge modern wax vaporiser technology that brings the power of a traditional butane-torch heated banger, the conventional method of cannabis concentrate consumption, and packs that power in an easy-to-carry, super-portable design. DabX is the brainchild of Chris Rado, a professional race car driver whose journey to California, unbeknownst to him then, was making strides towards creating the world's best dab device. Firstly, Rado began working in a race shop to find out what caused the engines inside these beasts to tick. Then, after achieving 20 world track records at the height of his career, he retired to begin developing vape technology for his father, who had taken sick dealing with cancer and other ailments. Rado's father could not take the painkillers recommended by Doctors, so Rado immediately set to work on finding a vape pen that would be safe and efficient for him to use. Unfortunately, when he reviewed the vaping technology in 2012 and began looking into the options available, it was all considered toxic. Many vapes at the time were failing testing for heavy metal leakage into the oils inside the vape pens. From the point of view of Rado & the DABx team, the competing vapes aren't acceptable for delivering medicine to those with chronic medical conditions.

Creating the easiest, fastest and best ways to dab!

Rado knew he needed to create a high-quality device capable of producing vapour from the highest quality cannabis products. None of the available options available was made from high-quality materials whilst also being non-toxic. When he was working on race cars, he realised that if the tuning weren't correct, the racing car wouldn't perform successfully, and he applied this logic to vape pens, as the fundamentals are the same. DabX is capable of building every part of the device in-house. Every element is proprietary and manufactured by DabX, and thousands of tests have been completed to get them where they are now. DabX products are all designed in Los Angeles, California, with the original design construction occurring in-house, and the retail units all feature the same high-end materials. Dabx's mission statement is simple: DabX wants to create the easiest, fastest and best ways to consume concentrates. DabX fuses cutting-edge designs with exact craftsmanship to create a unique dabbing experience for concentrate enthusiasts, their first device the MK.1 Rocket changed the game by making it simple to use your rig when on the move by connecting their vaporisation software to the rig's joint, where a banger would typically be placed and they've now given the portable e-rig a shot, putting this in the ring alongside industry giants Puffco and Dr. Dabber.

The DabX Go is their latest and greatest innovation, the latest E-Rig to take the dabbing world by storm, following industry leaders such as Puffco & Dr Dabber, who produced some of the world's very first Erigs and have long dominated the portable wax vaporiser market. The DabX Go is jam-packed with new features that will forever change portable dabbing as we know it. The DabX Go follows suit from their first vaporiser, the Mk. Rocket as it utilises the same function found inside the Rocket's reverse airflow atomiser to power the Go for all its adventures. The Dabx GO has created a consistent method of enjoying ultra-fast, easy-to-consume terp-rich dabs. Fundamentally, the DabX team relentlessly tested all of the elements inside the Go Vaporizer to ensure that they're flawlessly tuned to provide the ideal powerful dabbing experience in your hands. If you're a novice to dabbing, the DabX Go will provide the simplest method of getting started with consistent results. In contrast, even the most veteran of dabbers will have their worlds forever changed.

Dabbing has never been easier than with the DabX Go.

The DabX Go is an all-in-one design featuring a full-sized glass water piece with a heavy chug comparable to a full-on heady rig, as the functionality means it rips extremely hard & has insane water filtration. So when you open your DabX box, you'll feel a hard-wearing, rugged carry case that's sturdy enough to protect the inner vaporiser. The is a rubber piece connected with a plastic ring; opening up the travel case makes removing the DabX an absolute breeze as pressing on the X logo on the rubber piece creates a suction seal with the top of the glass piece on the DabX Go. The glass water piece is removable but also easily attaches to the main body of the device thanks to the handy magnetic aerospace titanium steel design. Just below the glass piece is a metal button that features the DabX logo; this functional and aesthetic addition works as a carb cap, which, when pressed inwards, allows for maximum airflow.
Furthermore, the carb cap button lets the user quickly clear the chamber of even the thickest, heaviest vapour & quickly realise the therapeutic effects of their extracts. This glass piece, complete with the carb-cab cap button, is the top third magnetic piece of the device and should be removed when it comes to cleaning. The second middle piece houses the chamber, the crucial point where all the magic of vaporising concentrates happens. The atomiser has a magnetic guard covering the top of the atomiser, preventing overflow; it uses a ceramic heating element with a stainless steel exterior and a reverse airflow atomiser.

Get the perfect tasting dab every single time!

The DabX Go comes pre-set with four intelligent heating profiles perfectly calibrated to heat your dab for fourteen seconds. This heating process preserves your terpenes whilst creating optimum vapour production, leaving you with fat clouds that feel like a manual torch heated dab with the same perfect taste you seek every time. Just like the MK.1 Rocket, the Dabx features a ceramic heating plate inside the atomiser, which rapidly and immaculately melts any concentrate into spectacular-tasting vapour, plus the reverse airflow technology ensures you'll be blowing clouds even on the lowest temps; this thing rips! The smart power unit has the ability to detect the dab-sized placed on the atomiser and automatically adjust the power level in real-time so that your dabs are at the perfect temperature and never taste burnt.

The DabX Go is the fool-proof, simple, but ultimate way of experiencing an excellent, smooth, consistent dabbing experience. No plastic properties are anywhere close to the airpath, so the heated vapour only touches ceramic, stainless steel, glass & water on the way to your lungs. This process ensures no plastic or nasty old reclaim flavour corrupts your concentrates' pure taste. DabX Go is as clean as it gets when dabbing, thanks to any reclaim from the dabs dropping downwards into a separate reclaim catcher. Typically reclaim is a wasted product, even though it can still contain around 50% cannabinoids from when you initially vaporised it. The reclaim catcher is in the bottom third part of the DabX Go; to access it remove the metal magnetic section and pop out the rubber silicone insert. Once you remove the insert from the bottom third of the device, it can be placed into the freezer for 20 minutes to make the reclaim a manageable consistency that resembles a 'shatter' texture that's much more manageable and easy to handle. Reclaim has several benefits, as it can be used for edibles, topicals, or to create capsules. Some people even dab the reclaim to keep themselves humble and not waste their oils. Additionally, the rubber insert features two rubber sections that can load up a gram or so of extract (2+in total); these sections are separate from the reclaim, so no contamination occurs.
The DabX Go features four intelligent heating profiles alongside a durable 2200mah USB-C smart battery with great haptic feedback.

For the concentrate novice and enthusiast! 

Appealing to the hardcore dabber and the novice, the DabX can take around 100 days or thereabouts on a fully charged battery, making this a crucial USP compared to other e-rig options on the market that often max at approximately 30 dabs. Not only does it provide an incredible number of dabs to battery ratio, but it fully charges from dead in 30 minutes. Additionally, it will charge enough to take a dab in 30 seconds, even when the battery is out of charge; it also features pass-through charging, so you can charge the device at the same time as consuming dabs. The power battery is completely removable and replaceable for long-term longevity or for the true adventuring dabber who plans on being in mother nature and off the grid for an extended amount of time. Inside the box is the DabX Go, packed neatly inside its hard-wearing carrying case with an unzippable portable dab station which makes for effortless loading of the Go with concentrates when you need to rip whilst in unsteady locations such as a moving vehicle. Unlike all other competing e-rigs on the market, they come complete with a spate atomiser, so you're still ready to rip while soaking one chamber for cleaning. All DabX products feature a one-year warranty should you encounter any issues.

So if you're looking for a new e-rig or dabbing vaporiser, now's the time to take a look at the DabX range for the easiest, fastest and best way to dab. Fusing, cutting-edge design & precise craftsmanship that provide the same function for both the concentrate novice & enthusiasts!