Puffco Vaporizers

Puffco's Origin

Puffco Vaporizers has lept from strength to strength over its decade-long journey that began in 2012 in New York City. Puffco is the revolutionary dabbing vaporizer brand founded by Roger Volodarksy, CEO & Founder of Puffco, which currently houses its Headquarters in California. Volodarsky set out in the concentrate-focused era of cannabis consumption, a turning point that resulted in the liberation of his cannabis voyage. It was precisely at this time that vape pens dominated the scene in New York in 2012 & these vape pens equalled discretion when likened to the combustion fumes that release from a large joint or, worse, blunt as is, or at least was customary for a significant % of Northern American cannabis consumers.

Volodarksy was instantly enthralled with this new age movement towards vaping as it allowed him, as someone previously arrested for Cannabis, to travel around the city and consume Cannabis in an extraordinarily subtle and discreet manner. This change in his primary consumption method gave him freedom from prosecution compared to previous options. However, despite his obsession with this hobby, he found that his devices kept breaking, and after a while, his friends kept asking him why he wasn't making his own yet. Volodarksy took note and began to theorise what his concentrate vaporizer might look like.

Levelling Up

Puffco's official stake in the ground came when they launched their first product in October 2014, which later won the High Times vaporizer of the Year award. When Puffco took home the High Times award, they were a two-horse show with just two employees, Roger Volodarksy and Chelsea Kossower. Outsiders in every sense of the word back then, Puffco were nearly instantly propelled to the forefront of the industry, quickly becoming the most visible company in the cannabis vaporizer consumption space. It was only after this initial burst into the spotlight that Roger decided to start building everything themselves and seeing if it was feasible to make their supply chain to get products built.

It would be an easy assumption to make that a large part of the success that Puffco has experienced is down to its branding because large-scale production was certainly not a factor at this point in the company's progression. Founder & CEO, Volodarsky believes that Puffco has seen such recognition because their devices and goal to build the best, most stylish and discreet dab vaporizer resonated with the cannabis community. Because of that, Puffco's mission was never to create a business for the sake of it.

"I was making a product that I wanted to use and enjoy; it was designed in the people's favour, not to sell them features, not to say, this is the best thing out there". Puffco doesn't use anything with "materials such as glue, or plastic or fibrous materials, it was something that was thoughtfully designed in favour of the user, rather than just for selling the product".

Volodarsky has been a long-time smoker like many advocates of the Cannabis industry are, and he began smoking it when he was 13. As he got older, he found it more and more challenging to integrate his love of cannabis consumption with his daily life until the day he began vaporising cannabis concentrates, when everything changed for good. Volodarsky clearly remembers the day he began, as he found the increased effects revolutionary. When vaporising cannabis dabs, he found he could consume them throughout the day by vaporising his concentrates at relatively low temperatures without negatively impacting his productivity.

The central tenant to Volodarsky's cannabis journey is flavour; this is why he's firmly sticking to the solventless side of the concentrate market; as he found with these kinds of concentrates, he discovered the unique nuances of banana or oranges so pronounced and flavourful. These flavours are present to a degree in the flowers, but they're not so easily captured. During the early days of cannabis concentrate proliferation, nearly all extracts were BHO extracts. They could tend to be unpleasant, depending on the manufacturing processes back then; however, nowadays, the premium market is heavily geared towards solventless concentrate consumption.

Alongside this shift in dynamic in the primary product of consumption has been the development of Puffco Vaporizers; a far cry away from their initial product, vape pen & e-rig offering, Puffco's range of vaporisers has lept leaps and bounds before conjuring up the near magical devices that are bound to be a mainstay in any self-respecting modern dabbers arsenal of gadgets. People are making better concentrates, and Puffco has honed in on the devices that produce the best all-round-experience, from functionality to flavour and ease of use.

As understanding develops, certain realities permeate the culture, such as how many refer to the entourage effect when discussing Cannabinoid efficiency, as it, by far and wide, understood that the different components of Cannabis work better in conjunction than isolated. This symbiotic nature that underpins the plant's therapeutic properties can be seen in the culture surrounding the Cannabis Concentrates world, such that this incredible symbiotic relationship is forged between concentrates, technology and modern consumption processes.

Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco has cemented its flagship range through careful consideration, painstakingly complex production and rigorous testing processes that led to an insane amount of concentrate consumption amongst the team, ensuring the best flavour is always achieved. The Puffco Peak Pro is their mainstay device E-Rig, the flagship heavy-hitter with the most power, the largest chamber, customisable temperatures & heating times, wireless charging functionality, Bluetooth app capability and real-time temperature control. The Peak Pro is the next step onwards from its predecessor, the Peak, which contrastingly has a much smaller chamber for concentrates, no customisable heating times or temperatures, no Bluetooth app functionality, no customisable lights and no option for a 3D chamber upgrade- in short, its bare bones when compared to the Pro model.

However, it still has the functionality to deliver flavourful, easy-to-use vaporisation. However, even customisation aside, the lack of the 3D chamber upgrade option for the Peak will have true connoisseurs and flavour chasers experiencing the green-eyed monster after trying a Pro with the 3D chamber add-on, as the 3D Chamber heats on the walls of the Chamber. This design means that your concentrate or concentrate is only in contact with heat when inhaling from the Peak Pro, preserving both the flavour of the concentrate and the actual concentrate itself. Furthermore, the Pro can heat for two-minute sessions, which can be extended if needed; meanwhile, the Peak clocks in about 30 seconds.

Puffco Proxy

Alongside the Puffco Peak Pro is the new Puffco Proxy, the Proxy is a newer model than the Peak Pro, but it technically sits slightly lower on the totem pole, being a cheaper device without app functionality and thus lacking the option of customisable lighting or heating duration or the actual temperature. However, the Proxy is far from a static design without customisation options or the ability to change its form; in many ways, it provides far greater potential through its modular design. By this, we are referring to the Proxy unit's removable base, which has had after-market glass pipes, water pipes, and bubblers in almost every conceivable shape or form custom-made.

The original concept for the Proxy was to build an atomiser that would fit in a traditional banger and be able to function with any rig on the market; however, after the weight & weight distribution of the device caused them to disembark from this idea, the modular Proxy was born and has been designed as stock to come with a classic glass pipe design. The Proxy's design means its experience is meant to be enjoyed via a drawn-out sipping inhale akin to hitting an actual pipe; this is a significant factor in what makes the unit so instantaneously comfortable and natural to sit in your hand over the day.

Each hit from the Puffco Proxy is a measured, flavour-packed hit that ensures the Proxy provides tasty, measured puffs that make the Proxy an easy device to use whether morning or evening; it's easy not to overdo it, plus you really can't smoke concentrate all day unless you start in the morning & with the Proxy that's an easy task. Whilst the big brother Puffco Pro is the flagship device with all the bells and whistles, the Proxy offers a unique experience not found with the Peak Pro.

Although the Proxy produces smaller hits, there's something undeniably graceful about putting the pipe to your lips and tasting the exquisite flavours of your concentrate. This factor, combined with the fact that the other models in the line-up can't transform forms endlessly, gives users and artisanal heady glass blowers an infinite ecosystem of possible designs, plus it smacks too. Puffco has already released two alternative water-pipe designs for the Proxy, the Bub and the Droplet.

But Puffco decided to keep the stock version out of the box with the dry-hit design as recent trends have indicated that dry hits are packed with more terpenes as some terpenes are water-soluble, and these could be lost to the water. Whilst dry hits can be a bit more overpowering on your throat for some, they're significantly stronger taster and, with more complex notes. Many concentrate fans worldwide speak volumes about the incredible experience of vaporising full melt water hash in the Proxy. Furthermore, much like how the original intention of the Proxy was to be a super advanced atomiser that would work in any banger, the Proxy's design has fuelled the creation of after-market banger attachments which hold the Proxy so it can be attached to just about any rig on the market, these banger attachments will drop any day from our Pure Hits range.

The Proxy also works with the flower bowl attachment, allowing the pipe to be used for conventional dry flower consumption, it's also quite discreet when compared to competing e-rigs and concentrate vaporisers as it can be easily obscured in your hands.

Proxy Accessories 

Puffco has blessed us with two water-pipe style designs, the Droplet and the Bub. The Bub is a sleek and stylish water pipe designed in the same smoke-grey colourations that adorns the classic stock Proxy pipe. The Bub is handblown and was Puffco's first foray into adding water filtration to the dry design of the Proxy. The Bub is handblown from Borosilicate glass for ultimate heat resistance in the same glass as the stock Proxy dry pipe, providing super smooth, cool hits and heavy vapour production. The Bub is sleek & stylishly designed, but it also stands out more than the more discreet of consumers may appreciate; it's also not the most portable shape, and it feels less travel friendly than the other Puffco designs.

Hence their second edition of Proxy water pipes, the Droplet. The Droplet features a new style of design that's much more like the shape of a traditional gym water bottle and more akin to a current concentrate consumption device. The Droplet provides superior water filtration and is equal parts effective & elegant; it offers smooth, cool hits with an unmistakable chug. The Droplet features gorgeous handblown borosilicate glass with a blue ocean drop found within a clear, gradient-frosted body with a design that feels at home in your hand or any surface around your home. The Droplet is the more discreet of the two, with its form taking a more familiar water bottle shape. Both of these provide killer water filtration, we even offer some additional Puffco Proxy from Pure Hits turning your Proxy into a full-blown rig with the Proxy Rig, or quartz banger adapters

Puffco is the brand that keeps innovating and contributing back to the Cannabis community, whether it's with their flagship e-rigs such as the Peak Pro or the innovative modular Proxy or the broad ecosystem of Puffco dabbing accessories that help improve your consumption. One thing is for sure Puffco is committed to furthering authentic Cannabis Culture, which can be seen through their worldwide expeditions pushing the culture of concentrate consumption.