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One of the latest highly-sought after artisanal breeders that have launched distribution and retail with us is StarFire Genetix. This talented American breeder needs no introduction, achieving high recognition for their work in producing elite, exotic, designer genetics. After years of dedication to Cannabis, their perseverance enables them to network, nurture & build relationships with only the most prominent names in the Cannabis industry. StarFire Genetix's goals were to build up an array of the most-premium, exotic & most sought-after phenotypes, and they produce flavour-packed strains through painstaking breeding practices and elite genetics. 

Their phenohunts take place across the globe with consistently high-scoring results and winning phenotypes proving they're true to the plant. StarFire Genetix aims for longevity by continuing to focus on fostering its reputation. That's why every single strain they release has undergone sufficient testing under rigorous quality-controlling procedures before the thought even occurs to bring them to market. The result of all this craftmanship is a loyal, growing following that is always on call to grab the next drop of elite modern genetics that are worthy of hyping & as such, are constantly in demand.

Their last drop of Apples & Bananas hybrids took the game by storm, with their Apples N Bananas BX1, their LeChron (Gary Payton x Apples & Bananas), their Gotti Gotti (Biscotti x Apples & Bananas) & their B.A.N.A.N.A.S. (Project 4156 x Apples & Bananas) all being staple strains that have cemented the breeding abilities of the brand and helped elevate the brand and increase awareness of their genetic projects. 

The Apples N Banana strain is a sought-after recently bred strain that combines elite modern genetics of the Now N later clone-only mother and Compound Genetics' legendary Jet Fuel Gelato. This lineage can lead to some confusion within the community as Cookies changed the lineage for marketing during their official release, which often causes some confusion among consumers. Still, Compound Genetics confirms Apples n Banana's is a hybrid of Now N Later & Jet Fuel Gelato. These strains combine to create an intoxicating aroma with intense pungency; the flavour profile packs in gas, fruit and some spicier aromas that blend hints of citrus, cherries and banana fruits alongside a chemical mustiness and a sour apple backend. 

These releases dropped to widespread hype & universal acclaim, which fostered the brand and built up demand and expectation for what Star Fire Genetix would drop next. Their new drop is the Permanent Marker range featuring four new cultivars: FabulozoSecret AgentPurple Pop Rocks & BombisclePermanent Marker is a cross made by Seed Junky Genetics and algins (Biscotti x Jealousy) to Seed Junky's Sherb Bx, which was also crossed to Gelato 41 to make the Jealousy, which makes up 50% of the Permanent Marker, mother's lineage. Permanent Marker is one of the latest culmination of modern Cookies genetics, providing a profile full of candy, floral, gassy & sweet flavours.

Fabulozo uses the infamous Zoap strain as the mother/pollen receiver for their Permanent Marker reversal, another top-tier modern exotic cultivar that has achieved cult-like status thanks to the exceptional levels set by the Doja Pak team. Zoap is a strain that exists in rarefied air when it comes to modern cannabis legends, it is the product of the F2 generation of the Rainbow Sherbert line as bred by Deep East, and the F1 generation is the seed stock that the critically acclaimed RS11 and Studio 54 was found in as well as Deep East's Jelly Roll.

The Rainbow Sherbert lineage is the result of crossing a unique phenotype of 3rd Generation Family Farm's original OZ Kush release with a super candy Pink Guava profile, Deep East's hunt of 120 seeds from the initial OZ Kush drop at Emerald Cup in order to use number #40 in order to use for breeding. He then picked some males from that OZK seed hunt to create the F2, which he called the Pink Guava line, and once he'd run through 100 seeds of that Pink Guava OZK line he then picked two males and used them to pollinate the original Sunset Sherbert by Sherbinski. 

Secret Agent uses Project 4156 as the mother/ pollen receiver in collaboration with Grandiflora Genetics, a highly sought-after breeder based in California. The Project 4156 itself is a cross of the illusive phenotype of Gelato, the number #45 pollinated by Grateful Puff which itself is a cross of Grateful Breath with Platinum OG. Project 4156 produces tight nuggets dripping in deep, dark purple hues and littered with heavy frosted coatings of THC. Project 4156 is dominant with musky, gelato, sweet and gassy aromas that become a unique profile when smoked.

On the initial inhale you'll be overwhelmed with the creamy, sour flavours that are far more intense on the palate. Her effects are seriously sedating but clear at the same time so that your thoughts are still clear. Project 4156 has been used in countless staple cultivars such as the infamous E85, which is a cross of Wedding Cake x Project 4156 or the Doggystyle in collaboration with Snoop Dogg & Cookies; whichever progeny we look at its clear that Project 4156 lends her killer touches. 

Purple Pop Rocks is the third hybrid from the Permanent Marker range from StarFire Genetix. Purple Pop Rocks use a special cut of Archive Seedbanks' ever-popular Rainbow Beltz, which is widely recognised as one of the most elite Z hybrids on the market. The Rainbow Belts mother is an intensely Z-tasting hybrid selected from 200 plant sections of the Moonbow which is the pollinator of the Rainbow Beltz. Moonbow itself is a hybrid cross of Zkittlez X Do Si Dos that is underpinned by impeccable vigour and stability, with a powerful Z, fruity candy profile with some additional power from the OG Kush heritage in the Do Si Dos. Archive Seedbank then selected the moonbow #75 to cross with the original Z, aka the original Zkittlez mother (clone-only), maximising the effects whilst having a far stronger structure.

Rainbow Beltz is dominated by sweet, fruit candy notes with grape and lime hints alongside a floral/ fuel OG-dominated backend profile. The resin has also been significantly uplifted thanks to the Do Si Dos cookie lineage. When crossed with the Permanent Marker, the resulting progeny produces unbelievable candy-dominant terps with a heavy backend of gas filled with intricate aromas and flavours. Purple Pop Rocks is a seriously high-yielding, evenly-balanced hybrid that makes for the perfect daytime enjoyment with frosted solid buds that have a high THC percentage. 

Bombiscle is the last strain from the Permanent Marker hybrid line from StarFire. The Bombiscle uses the infamous Gelato 41 as the mother, the #41 pheno of Gelato is widely known as the most famous cut and the one that has taken the game by storm. Gelato 41 is also known as Bacio Gelato for its heavy hazelnut funk and gassy backend, being a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies it's one of the most important parents of the gene pool of countless modern exotics.

Gelato 41 was bred by Sherbinski who bred Sunset Sherbert, and Jigga who was the master grower behind the Thin Mint Cookies phenotype of the Girl Scout Cookies. When Gelato 41 is crossed with the Permanent Marker reversal the progeny packs heavy ice-cream flavours that remind one of Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Parlour. With such an exceptional lineage, it's extremely hard to select just one keeper from. Bombsicle has a nearly-perfect structure with packed branches full of frosted-out buds that catch the eyes of connoisseurs all over the glove. 

Through the consistent drops of stellar, elite, exotic hybrids StarFire Genetix has gained a loyal following of growers who stay ready for the next drop of next-level genetics that are all worthy of hype & as such, remain in high demand. 

Be sure not to miss the FabulozoSecret AgentPurple Pop Rocks & Bombsicle.