Spannabis 2023

Spannabis Trade Show

Spannabis 2023 was an event which nurtured the growth of cannabis culture and free-spirited minds as an eclectic flurry of the world's cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts united under one roof in the energizing city of Barcelona, Spain.

As the week of the Spannabis show approached, chaotic energy was whizzing around the Puresativa HQ in true trade show fashion. Some weeks after the whirlwind event housing the international cannabis industry, I have begun to reflect on our time at Spannabis. Each time I rewind to moments from the electrifying event, it feels more and more like a movie. Spannabis 2023 was one for the books, a sentiment shared amongst many of us, so it's only fitting to start from the beginning. 

On Thursday, the 9th of March 2023, we approached our bare exhibition space in the nostalgic Fira de Cornellà. I mixed a cocktail of excitement, nerves, and anticipation served on the rocks to fuel my adrenaline as we got to work to put our Puresativa mark in the Spannabis 2023 hall. And just like that, Friday came as hundreds of businesses and thousands of visitors from the likes of cannabis breeders, hash makers, weed consumers, and hemp and CBD lovers were able to have open and honest conversations in a safe space.

Spannabis 2022 still had covid restrictions looming over the event, so naturally, paranoia lingered at the back of our heads, and face masks were part and parcel of the affair. The exhibition didn't have the typical excitement and energy ricocheting through the hall - but we respected that. However, this year for Spannabis 2023, there was almost a silent agreement among the exhibitors to have a common thread of positivity and brilliance. It didn't feel like there was a competitive spirit to me. Instead, we collectively thrived and delivered an event to surpass expectations this year. 

Which cannabis seeds did Puresativa bring?

We were excited to share our new, permanent, spacious area in Booth 39 with our DNA Genetics family. Dividing the booth in half with the simplicity of a sleek brand banner, we created two separate spaces, leaving us ample room to play with. The Puresativa team and select breeders wanted to create the best experience for our customers, from the intention to the execution of our cannabis seeds' menus. 

Grounded Genetics

Starting with Grounded Genetics, whose skills strongly display unfettered cultivating genius, further solidifying this status with the strains he brought to Spannabis. Grounded Genetics delivered some of the weekend's most sought-after genetics with his new 'RS11 Line', whose pollinator is the RS11 (Sunset Sherb x Pink Guava). 

In the early hours of the first day of the Spannabis Show, Grounded Genetics sold out on his Pink Cheddar (Big Buddha Cheese x Rs11) strain, also from the RS11 line, a collaboration with The Original Big Buddha Family Farms cannabis seed bank, as people's mouths were salivating for a new ... Cheese. Grounded Genetics also brought his Z Road line featuring the likes of Vitamin Z and Raspberry Z, which we first released at Product Earth 2022 for the UK crowd. 

As always, promotions and freebies are a must for us at shows like Spannabis, so our customers can experience something new that they didn't know they would love or need. So with every pack of cannabis seeds bought from the RS11 Line, our customers would receive the Grounded Genetics Rainbowz feminized seeds. In addition, our Spannabis customers were gifted Kawazaki (Z Runtz x RS11) seeds with the Z Road Line.

Grounded Genetics' art and intelligence in the cannabis game are without limit. Anything he puts out to the public is created with such precision he continues to set the bar high. Grounded Genetics is an excellent example of celebrating a new guard seedbank whose work can comfortably sit alongside the old-school powerhouses, gaining well-deserved respect amongst breeders and a cult following from cannabis enthusiasts. Spannabis 2023 was a prime example of that. 

Karma Genetics

In a space full of worldwide acclaimed breeders, Karma Genetics is one of the most prominent who has spent decades honing his skills and creating transformative magic with the cannabis plant. Karma Genetics is a champion of flavours and aromas that pack the punch of the signature 'sour' profiles. As a result, Karma Genetics had some of the most anticipated menus with heavy diesel and gassy notes, such as the award-winning Headbanger cannabis seeds or new releases, such as the Chem95 Banger Ltd regular cannabis seeds. 

Karma Genetics brought a tested and untested menu to Spannabis 2023 filled with regular cannabis strains, where his wells of creativity proved unstoppable. People were enamoured with the Gastronomic cannabis seeds, which, when grown out with care, will unlock her full potential with a blend of true chem and sour gas notes and an O.G. pungent odour that would seduce any 'gas' chaser. Spannabis visitors also snapped up Karma's 818 Banger and New York Amsterdam Sour, which uses the iconic Karma Sour Diesel Bx2

The 'potstar' knows a thing or two about breeding in the ever-evolving cannabis scene, including a list of strains blessed with the fruity, tropical notes from the zkittlez proving extremely popular and hyped by the new gen of cannabis lovers. Karma's untested menu was a clear example of delivering high-quality cannabis strains without compromising an inch. Karma Genetics offered a choice of four promotional cannabis seed packs; Pinata Sour, Caviar Sour Lime, Zizi Designer Sherb and Guava Jelly. The freebies resulted from the coming together of Karma Genetics and Grounded Genetics, creating a mouth-watering collaboration showcasing the best of both houses. 

Spannabis 2023 was the time to overindulge, and our Puresativa customers did precisely that. Whether building on their extensive seed collection or adding to their nuanced cannabis passion, people showed up with contagious energy as we've never seen—a catalyst for the Puresativa family and breeders to continue to surpass expectations for future Spannabis events. 

Original Big Buddha

The Spannabis show allows you to explore the work of individual breeders but also enables you to witness the evolution of cannabis culture. Someone who was very much a part of the frameworks of the canna scene is Milo Young, aka the Original Big Buddha, recently rebranded as the Original Big Buddha Family Farms Cannabis seed bank—taking first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006 with his Original Cheese Feminized strain which has become the most widespread and popular Cheese out there. Milo brought his Mac N Cheese, Original Blue Cheese, and more for those desperate to get their hands on the Big Buddha Cheese. 

Mosca x Tiki Madman Collaboration

With the rise of collaboration projects, Puresativa hosted the Mosca Seeds and Tiki Madman run of cannabis seeds at Booth 39. Collaborative capsules are an ingenious opportunity to experience the combination of two expert minds, which Mosca and Tiki collab did not fall short of. Mosca is an award-winning cannabis breeder winning the Silver 420 High Times Cup, numerous IC MAG 420 Cups, and many Cannabis Cups from Europe under his belt. Tiki Madman brought his internationally renowned knowledge as a Michigan breeder. 

The Mosca x Tiki Madman collaboration broadened their limits as breeders and your taste palettes as cannabis consumers. Strains like Watermelon Blast (Watermelon f2 x Watermelon Gelato f2) regular cannabis seeds, Pineapple Punk (Cinderella99 x Pineapple Whip) and Watermelon Zaza S1 (WatermelonZ x WalermelonZ) feminized cannabis seeds garnered a high level of popularity at the trade show. 

Puresativa customers also gravitated towards Runtz De Frutas, a cross of Bubble Gum Runtz and Runtz. There's no doubt that cannabis lovers are enamoured by the taste of Runtz like a kid in a candy store, and it might be just for that very reason... candy. The idea of the sweet, sugary, fruity candy palette of the Runtz De Frutas feminized cannabis seeds ignited an excitement similar to that of a sugar rush. 

Additionally, with every pack from the collaboration bought at Spannabis 2023, our customers received three free Ras-Boola seeds using Mosca's famous Raspberry Boogie strain. The Mosca x Tiki collab coming soon to Puresativa online exemplifies an extraordinary meeting of minds. So those who couldn't attend Spannabis 2023 can take advantage of their mouth-watering genetics soon. 

Black Tuna Cannabis Seeds

Speaking of debuts, Black Tuna launched their new line of cannabis seeds at Spannabis on our Puresativa booth. 'Black Tuna' Seeds, reminiscent of the Miami Black Tuna Gang from the 1970s. The Black Tuna Gang transported 500 tons of high-quality cannabis from Columbia into the US and became one of the first and biggest catches for law enforcement in the 70s. 

Black Tuna Seeds does not fall short in 'quality', breeding extremely high-grade strains, winning 1st place for best solvent extraction with 'Jaguar Negro' at the Dabadoo 2023 Cup. And, their merits continued. The Black Tuna breeders' favourite strain, 'Kid Pambele,' also took first place at the Dabadoo event for best bubble hash. 

Black Tuna breed outdoors in the tropical climate of Columbia, nourishing extremely resistant plants which can withstand adverse outdoor environments. Black Tuna's process means that their cannabis plants will easily endure and thrive under controlled indoor conditions, a win-win. Puresativa is incredibly excited to continue our new relationship and friendship with the Black Tuna team from Spannabis 2023. The Black Tuna seed bank will join Puresativa soon as their official UK and EU distributor, allowing you to admire their work as much as we do. 

Perfect Tree and Backyard Club

Perfect Tree's 'Lemon Curd' cannabis strain achieved a well-deserved third place for best Sativa at the Spannabis Cup 2023, grown by @losgreengoss. Lemon Curd is a crucial cannabis disruptor in the Perfect Tree gene pool, crossing Melonade from Dying Breed Seeds and their Jet A reversal. 

The exhibition allowed Spannabis visitors to show appreciation for Perfect Tree's feminized strains. Having been out of stock of these favourited strains for a while. Perfect Tree also brought other award-winning strains, such as Pink Gasoline, Mimozz and Puff Mints, to our booth. 

The Puresativa team wanted to give connoisseurs a chance to add a selection of Perfect Tree's award-winning seeds to their collection post-Spannabis. So, we have created 100 limited edition promotion cards with one feminized cannabis seed of Lemon Curd, Pink Gasoline, Mimozz and Puff Mints, which our Puresativa retail customers will receive when they buy any feminized pack by Perfect Tree. 

The Perfect Tree team extended and developed their Frozay line, which we initially launched at the Product Earth 2022 show, with five drool-worthy strains. Spannabis visitors were ready to snap up the new Perfect Tree Cannabis strains, with 'Colorz' already running low in the Puresativa HQ. Colorz is a regular cannabis strain, a cross of Z Cube and Frozay fueled by pungent flavours. Z Cube by the Dying Breed seed bank is an award-winning mother and a match made in heaven for Frozay, transcending you to the calm of the clouds. Colorz is your answer to zen relaxation after a hard day allowing you to unwind, switch off and sink into your couch. 

The Perfect Tree duo continued their Spannabis show spirit into each night at their reputable Backyard Social Club. The Backyard Social Club fostered a friendly, intimate and relaxing environment for Spannabis visitors and locals to socialize in a safe space. So now you know where you'll be heading next year after the Spannabis days to unwind and connect with like-minded people who love the plant as much as you.  


Rest In Peace Milo Yung, aka The Orginal Big Buddha

As I finish reflecting on our time at Spannabis 2023, I can't help but think of the beautiful soul of Milo Yung, who passed this week. How can I encapsulate the legacy of the great Original Big Buddha in words- he was a champion, larger than life, an inspiration, a pioneer, and so much more? He marched to the beat of his drum and did it to the fullest. 

It was truly an honour for the Puresativa team to share Milo's last Spannabis with him; we couldn't be more grateful for the memories that will remain in our hearts. Milo gave his undivided time and attention to our Spannabis customers, who were ravenous for the Cheese. His enthusiasm was monumental and infectious. 

Milo's fearless nature as a pioneer of the canna industry in the UK scene will be remembered by all of us. Our whole cannabis community genuinely feels the loss of Milo for his significant work but also for his kind, beautiful and humble heart. Milo, the Original Big Buddha, couldn't help but put a smile on all of our faces. Rest in peace, Milo Yung. Your legacy will live forever.