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Colorado-based cannabis seed company, Rare Dankness celebrate their 10 year anniversary this year – and what a decade it has been for owner Scott and his team.
The company has won numerous industry awards for the quality of their genetics – Starkiller and Moonshine Haze brought Rare Dankness early success, while later awards for Jenny’s Kush were a fitting tribute for the eponymous named strain.

Right from their inception in 2010, Rare Dankness have strived to bring the world’s finest cannabis genetics to the medical and recreational markets. By sharing and exchanging genetics with their industry friends around the world, Rare Dankness have created a seed catalogue that comprises crosses and hybrids featuring rare and exotic genetics which improve the original strain. This is a seed company interested in evolution – they have never attempted to replicate original strains, but have instead used their knowledge and skill to make incremental improvements in flavour, yield and stability to every strain they touch. 

PureSativa were quick to realise the quality of Rare Dankness’ cannabis seeds – we have been working with Scott and his team since the very early days. We even created a strain with Rare Dankness back in 2014 – Tangie Ghost Train Haze was released under the umbrella of Little Chief Collabs and featured a mouthwatering cross of DNA Genetics’ Tangie and RD’s Ghost Train Haze #1. Needless to say, this limited edition strain sold out extremely quickly.

Rare Dankness is back with a bang in 2020 – their first new release is Somali Ghost Train – a cross of two of their most famous cannabis varieties, Somali Taxi Ride and Ghost Train Haze #1.
Rare Dankness have spent 3 long years tinkering with this hybrid, ensuring stability, reliability and, of course, the usual soaring potency that have made Rare Dankness such a respected name in industry circles. This powerful sativa may present a challenge to novice growers, but the work will be worth it when you allow for the incredible gassy terpene profile, thick covering of resin and exhilarating euphoric effects. Somali Ghost Train takes a little over 70 days to finish and is available in packs of 12 regular seeds.

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