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Roor Bongs and Water Pipes

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Each of these Roor bongs are lovingly hand crafted in Germany by the glass artist Martin Birzle. From his Blu Range through to his flagship Roor Dealers Cup the Roor bongs range has something for everyone and every pocket. The basic tube designs such as the Roor icemaster are iconic in their design, especially with the ice notches first manufactured by Roor over 10 years ago. This innovation in cooling smoke through the use of ice was soon taken up by most glass bong manufacturers.

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As tastes have evolved so has the Roor line-up. Now offering beaker based bongs to allow for more coolant in the base of the bong than their usual tube range. In addition you can order customisations to your bong to ensure that the product is unique to you with your own added flair! The purchase of a Roor bong can also be seen as an investment in glass art as Roor do tend to hold their value over time. Especially any Roor that has been customised and made unique with art glass inserts for instance. We are the UK's exclusive distributor of Roor products, please contact us for wholesale enquiries.